Turn Content Into Sales with Social Media

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Once upon a time, you could only talk at your customers and prospects through the media. Through social media you can now dialogue with them.

In the white paper CRM and the Socially-empowered Customer, you can find out how to use social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, webinars, and blogs to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects based on mutual trust and two-way communication.

The days of one-way communications are coming to an end. Customers today want you to use social media to engage them in a meaningful conversation—one that allows them to inform you about their needs and that gives you the opportunity to influence their purchasing decisions when they're ready to buy.

But like any other business practice, you have to know the ropes to make it work. In this informative white paper, you'll discover the best practices of social media marketing, and the etiquette as well. You'll also learn how to integrate social CRM into a solidly constructed traditional CRM program.

Find out how to turn content into relationships and ultimately sales through the intelligent use of social media.

Download your PDF copy of CRM and the Socially-empowered Customer today.


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