Who Buys Human Capital Management (HCM) software?

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Who Buys Human Capital Management (HCM) software?

Reach more than a million HR and IT professionals who will be receiving the TEC HCM Buyer's Guide.

The upcoming TEC HCM Buyer's Guide will be chock full of valuable information for HCM buyers—and as an HCM vendor, it's a great place to put the spotlight on your solutions. (Apply to be listed here.)

Promoted to more than a million TEC members and newsletter subscribers—and sent to thousands of qualified companies that have evaluated HR or HCM software on the TEC site in the last 12 months—being in the TEC HCM Buyer's Guide will be the best way to develop new business in 2011.

Showcase your solutions in this essential guide, which includes

  • a state of the market analysis,
  • an overview of vendor solutions,
  • vendor case studies and thought leadership briefs, and
  • a detailed vendor directory.

Don't miss a limited opportunity for guide sponsorship.

The TEC HCM Buyer's Guide is slated for release in early July.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities, please complete this brief questionnaire or contact us:

+1 514-954-3665, ext. 367
or e-mail buyersguide@technologyevaluation.com

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