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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems now support many organizations? most important business processes, and house their most sensitive corporate data. As a result, senior management needs to fully understand both the timing and project plan before proceeding with any ERP upgrade. Learn how to plan and manage your next ERP upgrade project, and develop an overall corporate strategy for maintaining your ERP system.
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Companies are under huge pressure to cut all SAP-related costs and are seeking every opportunity to exploit their huge investments in SAP to reduce total business expenses. A survey of 18 respondents reveals how companies are seeing the potential to squeeze further costs savings by exploiting SAP software investments, especially in enterprise resource management (ERP) and supply chain business process areas. Learn more.
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It?s no secret that there is a bevy of deployment options available with most customer relationship management (CRM) solutions today?ranging from customized to out-of-the-box. But with choice comes complexity. In order for CRM buyers to choose wisely, they must find a deployment approach that best matches their needs while delivering superior performance, application integration, and functionality. Find out how.
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For all but the smallest companies, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system promises big gains, by helping to grow revenue, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and manage costs. Right now, ERP for the midmarket is a hot topic. More and more midsized companies are replacing outdated ERP software or are jumping into ERP technology for the first time. Find out about what midmarket ERP buyers need to know.
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For large organizations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems promise big gains by helping grow revenue and increase productivity. But can ERP benefit small to medium businesses (SMBs) in the same way? This step-by-step guide includes important decision-making considerations, such as benefits and costs, across some of the top finance and accounting solution providers for small to midsize companies.
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When conducting a mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comparison, there are several key questions that you should ask: How much should ERP software cost? What IT resources will be needed to implement it? But don?t stop there. The seas of ERP are vast, and navigating through the current market is not simple. Equip yourself with these questions before evaluating and interviewing vendors.
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Customer and commercial demands are changing the way manufacturers manage their positions in the supply chain. The financial impact on a company that is unable to respond to change can be crippling, especially in a global market. Learn about the benefits of using a response management process, so you can access live data from multiple systems across various locations?for more intelligent and empowered decision making.
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IT groups aspire to standardize on common integration platforms, but the pressure to integrate with business partners quickly often forces companies to favor expediency over strategy. With so many technology choices, it?s important to understand the role each can play when building an overall business-to-business (B2B) strategy. Learn about the four points you should consider when evaluating vendors and service providers.
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The world is focusing on environmental awareness, and reducing greenhouse gases is now an inevitable part of doing business. But how can you conform to compliance regulations and still remain competitive? Green-centric asset management implementations?valuable tools in resource conservation?are helping companies increase productivity and improve their bottom lines. Maybe getting greener isn?t so hard after all.
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Customer relationship management (CRM) is growing in importance as a competitive tool. However, a successful CRM solution must consider many factors, including a well-defined implementation strategy, the people factor, and the need for integration with the incumbent enterprise resource planning solution. If these conditions are met, CRM can have a dramatic impact on internal processes, customer satisfaction, and company profitability.
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New product development and introduction (NPDI) is probably the most important process for many companies, but also one of the least understood. While NPDI is responsible for revenues, few companies assign an owner for the whole process. Instead, it is usually driven through a series of functional ?silos,? causing delay?and the loss of the original market requirements.
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The new competitive differentiator in retail is the ability to effectively sense, shape, and fulfill customer demand through the customer?s channel of choice. The seamless shopping experience?providing what customers want, when they want it, in the way they want it?has come to the forefront. That?s why well-executed cross-channel retailing is essential to success, no matter what your vertical.
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Manufacturers today must respond quickly to ever-changing customer demands?while keeping costs low and efficiency high. How can original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers (CMs) effectively manage the demand-driven supply chain? A solution that increases your visibility of inventory planning and management throughout the supply chain can help reduce your response time. Learn more about the benefits.
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Almost everything you know about human resources (HR) outsourcing is about to change. The future is about single-source integration, and there are key new technologies that herald this era: unified service for HR, time, payroll, and expense tracking; management dashboards; streamlined employee interfaces; synchronous data with a single database; and empowered reporting.
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In today?s challenging economic environment, forward-thinking companies are looking at technology solutions that can help them weather the economic storm, and deliver long-term performance benefits. Discover four key trends that are relevant to today?s economic situation, and learn how leading retailers and brands are embracing product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to enhance bottom-line efficiency.
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