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Jboss Application Server V5 by IBM --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description While concerns regarding open source are still being debated, many companies are experimenting with and deploying open source application servers in their data centers.
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Este documento le informa sobre los beneficios del producto de Oracle WebLogic y describe algunas de sus caracter?sticas como: su compatibilidad con Java EE 5, grid de datos en memoria, JVM en tiempo real, provisi?n din?mica y administraci?n para todos los dominios, y su motor para ejecutar Oracle Fusion Middleware.
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Administrar las complejas configuraciones de software es un complejo trabajo. Capture y centralice la informaci?n de todos los recursos de hardware y software de la empresa, facilitando as? el diagn?stico de problemas, la automatizaci?n de procesos y el cumplimiento con est?ndares regulatorios y del sector como Sarbanes-Oxley e ITIL.
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For industries in regulated environments, validation of processes and systems is a required part of business. The goal of the validation process is to provide confidence in a process or system by demonstrating consistent and repeatable results through documented evidence. This article provides an overview of a validation for a computer software system, for compliance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
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Data centers are complex mixtures of legacy platforms, hardware, operating systems (OS), data, and applications. They are inflexible, costly, and difficult to manage, so instead of optimizing the current OS, users are adding new ones. By using OS Portability and streaming servers across physical or virtual infrastructures over the network, users better utilize their data centers.
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Any enterprise suite will pay for itself faster if you work diligently to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Those who interact with companies on implementing and maintaining their systems know that some project owners are very good at keeping the cost of their enterprise applications as low as possible. We?ll look at their TCO secrets.
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Organizations spend millions of dollars in developing custom solutions to plug the gap between the demands of the business user and the available features of their enterprise systems. For this reason, it?s worth examining how the Microsoft SharePoint Server environment can help organizations efficiently deliver focused business solutions on a common business platform with a familiar interface and development methodology.
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This can only be done through suitable intermediary technologies such as a service-oriented architecture that uses application servers with integrated middleware providing solid support for existing application integration and future business process requirements.
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The client/server trend in multi-tiered computing has been made possible because of reductions in the cost of hardware and software components, as well as the availability of high-performance database engines. The utility of this technology is reflected in the Microsoft Dynamics AX application. Its three-tier client/server technology provides a solution that can be accessed through networks, even with limited bandwidth.
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name = TEC_WP; Virtual Appliances: Improve Manageability and Automate Provisioning by SWsoft --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Any organization that deploys multiple same-application servers with regularity could benefit from virtual appliances.
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Data center consolidations put distance between application servers and users—producing long round-trips and slow response times.
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Administrative errors can and do happen, but native tools do little to aid administrators in this area. While Microsoft?s Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is a great tool for managing group policy, it has its limitations. Discover how to implement best-practice approaches to help successfully extend the deployment of group policy to your server security settings, while reducing costs and minimizing errors.
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If you?re moving toward outsourcing and a dispersed workforce, deploying a centralized knowledge and document repository is going to be one of your biggest challenges. All users, regardless of their location, expect reasonable application response times to actively participate in the knowledge exchange process within your organization. Find out what you can do to overcome this challenge?before it hits your bottom line.
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When it comes to your Web applications, speed is the only metric that matters. After all, Web apps handle the bulk of your critical operations, from inventory and customer relations, to sales and accounting. They?re essential for interacting with your business partners, and without them there?d be no such thing as e-commerce. Read this guide to find out what you can do to accelerate your Web applications to top speed.
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The blade server market is one of many fast growing in the IT industry, helping large businesses resolve issues with power, cooling, and space constraints in their datacenters. But what about the mid-market customer whose needs are very different? Hewlett Packard (HP) addresses these needs with the launch of its new HP BladeSystem c3000?a complete blade server and storage solution designed with the mid-market in mind.
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