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Data auditing can help companies capture activities that impact critical data assets, build a non-repudiable audit trail, and establish data forensics over time.
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name = TEC_WP; The Benefits of 3-Way Auditing by Tizor --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Whatever your reasons for needing to capture a complete audit trail for all database activity, you want to make sure your system allows you to support three accepted approaches.
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name = TEC_WP; 5 Building Block Scenarios for Understanding the Challenge of Gs1 Barcode Label Printing in Your Global Supply Chain by Loftware --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Beyond the operational efficiencies and cost savings of an improved product audit trail, standardized GS1 barcode labels contribute to greater supply chain security
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Business Challenges Accelerate cycle time for planning and budgeting and increase business user productivity Improve the accuracy of planning and forecasting Model potential business strategies and decide on a course of action that maximizes value creation Streamline the statutory consolidation process Keep compliance and auditing costs down Key Features Business planning and budgeting - Gain support for top-down and bottom-up planning and budgeting,
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The audit trail feature allows you to also track who did what and when with each email…even your remote staff. Financial Services Problem: Youre running a world-class, online financial services company. Delivering prompt, courteous and accurate responses to potential investors is crucial to long-term success.
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Navigating – Following the Audit Trail From an accounting system standpoint, a key to compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley is the presence of an extensive audit trail, complete with drill-down and drill-around functionality. The sole reason why this functionality exists is to provide users with the ability to trace source documents through the accounting systems to the final financial statement and back to the original source document.
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The solution enables businesses to implement compliance features (such as audit trails and electronic signatures) in a manner compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and in a way that supports the organization specific SOPs. It provides audit trail tracking and reporting in all areas
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BizManager includes built-in transaction tracking with actionable audit trails; archiving with automatic archival of closed-out transactions; real-time persistent queuing with retry, redundancy and fallback; and advanced reporting capabilities.
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"The journal entries generated by the rules-based SAP BusinessObjects application provide an exact audit trail as we reconcile the data for both Canadian reporting purposes and IFRS standards," says Neil Thompson, manager of financial systems at Standard Life in Canada.
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It does this by providing: identity management; process workflow automation; an audit trail for all transactions, including a record of who accessed
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In addition, every policy change is recorded, providing an audit trail.
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In essence Medical Device Manufacturers need to look beyond usual ERP/CRM to more unique functionality, such as: FDA regulated security; Shared document library with audit trail for service and quality assurance; Change control with audit trail traceability; Ability to view data as graphs, with drill down analysis; Custom calculations to facilitate complex analysis; and the ability to export data to spreadsheets or text documents.
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How strong is your company foundation? Will your company face the potential catastrophe of failure to maintain cGMP and HACCP compliance? Or, will your company secure its foundation with the implementation of successful ERP software? Taking action to ensure product quality control, audit trails, and lot tracking will lay the solid foundation your company needs to follow the HACCP principles as well as provide your company with a solid future.
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Transporter also maintains a log of all migrations and the versions involved, providing an audit trail for regulatory compliance purposes.
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While specific outcomes vary, customers can typically: Identify end-user issues and root causes early during the upgrade process itself so they can be addressed before going live Link the success of training investments to actual employee performance Reduce application and user errors, lower primary response issues and significantly decrease end-user support costs and expensive help desk calls Determine where to improve application response, leading to increased user productivity and lower cost of ownership Use
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