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Unfortunately, leaders often lack the visibility to predict workforce needs in difficult times, and human resources (HR) professionals often lack the business acumen to answer detailed data-driven workforce questions. As a result, many companies are currently operating in crisis mode, reacting to economic turmoil by downsizing their workforce. Find out how you can use workforce analytics for strategic workforce planning.
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Many companies struggle to adapt to their ever-changing workforce, as employees start the job and then leave for better offers. Competition is fierce?and retaining highly skilled job candidates has never been more difficult. In order to achieve their business goals and stay competitive, many companies are turning to integrated talent management (ITM). Find out how you can get started on your ITM development plan today.
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Companies once responded to tighter labor markets with a greater emphasis on recruiting. Today, more firms are focusing on engagement, retention, and driving better performance from their existing workforce while still looking out for talent from the outside. And investing in employees? training and development can provide big rewards. Learn about the benefits of an integrated learning and performance management system.
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