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IT prefers the former; business analysts the latter.
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Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry consolidation is nothing new, the constantly changing market dynamic affects product lifecycles, supportability, and ERP return on investment. In fact, you could say that it both creates new potential and contributes to old problems. Get a handle on what this changing market means for you, with this overview of industry consolidation pros and cons.
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It?s not easy for manufacturing companies to improve operating efficiency while responding to market changes. Improving productivity across business processes requires visibility, speed, and automation. The SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program can tailor SAP manufacturing software to your needs and roll it out quickly?and, it can be adapted to changing requirements. Find out how it can grow with your company.
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"To meet our business and product goals, centralizing all of our product information on Infor PLM was an imperative and will ensure accuracy and timeliness of new product launches," says Anne Schneider, senior business analyst, RD.
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Engraving materials supplier Johnson Plastics needed a way to stay ahead of the competition. To leave a lasting impression on customers, Johnson knew that fulfilling its promise of next-day shipping was priority number one. But an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was preventing Johnson from realizing that goal. Learn about the solution the company chose to integrate its entire multiwarehouse operations.
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biz), you can benefit from best-practice services for successful requirements definition, including courses to coach and train your business analysts, project requirements elicitation, request for proposal (RFP) preparation, and project scoping and requirements planning.
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The common perception is that top-tier enterprise software takes years to implement. This is true for more complex solutions. But other applications, when combined with effective project management by capable professionals, can be rolled out rapidly when it counts?like after a merger or acquisition. Get tips for a speedy enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, from a company that lived to tell the tale.
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Indirect benefits consisted of productivity improvements for developers and business analysts.
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Prior to joining TEC, Quadri was a senior business analyst with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Celestica.
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Many oil and gas industry suppliers chose enterprise software prior to 1999, when software designed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry didn?t exist. This affects the efficiency of these companies?and will prevent them from pursuing new revenue streams in the future. However, project-enabled solutions can now cater to the oil and gas industry?s needs, helping you adjust to current market demands. Learn more.
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Are you on the front lines of product development and project management, and tired of seeing the same project failure statistics? Are you ready to do something to change your approach to requirements management? Then read about the three most common myths (plus a bonus myth) associated with requirements management, and how you can dispel them once and for all?for more successful products and project outcomes.
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The data here was insightful: Non-IT business analysts: On average, applications based on analysis by non-IT business professionals came in at almost 200% of budget and over 245% of time, while delivering beyond the original functionality specification. IT-managed requirements analysis: Generally performed better on budget and time than the non-IT business analysts, but delivered less functionality than was expected by the business.
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This Business Engine white paper provides a technical account on the process behind scoring, selecting, and scheduling the technology portfolio. The document offers additional insight into weighting criteria that should be considered as part of the portfolio management and optimization process. The document further provides insight into considerations for alignment, and how to know if the portfolio is in fact properly aligned with business objectives.
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Small to medium businesses (SMBs) often face the same challenges as large businesses?just on a smaller scale. One such challenge is finding a business solution that manages expansion and addresses complex reporting and compliance issues. Many SMBs are now adopting enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions?complete with tools to help them meet the current and future needs of their growing business.
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