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The key to enterprise performance management is to identity a company?s value drivers, focus on them, and align the company to drive results. But there are many management methodologies?such as the balanced scorecard, performance prism, and five forces. What is the right framework for your business? Find out about six management processes and the tools that can help you asses which metrics framework will work for you.
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Many business intelligence (BI) tools are designed for professional analysts and not business users. As a result, executives find they still don?t have the information they need to make decisions quickly and effectively. In order to maximize your potential in BI, you must embed it into the daily routine of your entire company. Find out about a BI solution that can help you, with functionality like interactive reporting.
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Often, enterprise applications such as document management software (DMS) don?t gain wide use within a company or provide full return on investment. For these elements to be realized, you must complete the puzzle by integrating with third-party applications such as accounting, personnel management, or other software products. Discover some integration points and the value-add of integrating business applications with DMS.
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Do you know what evaluation criteria you should consider when making a customer relationship management (CRM) purchase? Before embarking on the process of making this critical business decision, learn more about the 10 fundamental functional areas to consider, including acquiring new sales, improving customer satisfaction, getting a consistent view of the customer, and improving renewal, up-sell, and cross-sell.
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You can take two approaches to inventory management: assume it?s a necessary evil and implement an inventory reduction program when cash gets tight, or put an active inventory management process in place, and continually improve the business results. Learn how to view inventory as cash that can be invested in other ways: move from reactive inventory management to lean and active inventory management in six easy steps.
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The debate over climate change is quickly coming to a close and will soon be replaced by a new debate about policy alternatives. These policies will affect business in striking ways, through end-use efficiency standards, increased energy costs, and increased prices of raw materials and components. Take the most important action: analyze and understand your direct and supply chain emissions of greenhouse gases. Learn more.
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Las actividades que no a?aden valor se consideran ?p?rdidas en la productividad?. Aplicar la filosof?a manufactura racionalizada o Lean Manufacturing en la empresa supone una reducci?n o la eliminaci?n en su totalidad de cualquier actividad en la cadena de valor que no a?ada valor al cliente. Este documento le da la perspectiva de IFS sobre la racionalizaci?n de la producci?n bajo pedido o por proyectos.
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Este caso de estudio ilustra como una compa??a latinoamericana llevo a cabo su selecci?n de software empresarial, despu?s de haber adquirido otras compa??as y con ellas varios sistemas ERP. Este caso de estudio se enfoca en la metodolog?a usada para alcanzar el ?xito en la selecci?n de una soluci?n ?nica. Ent?rese sobre la metodolog?a de mejores pr?cticas en la selecci?n de software de Technology Evaluation Centers.
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AZITO O&M, une entreprise de production d ?lectricit?, a plusieurs logiciels pour g?rer ses activit?s. Ces logiciels n ont aucun lien les un autres et, apr?s plusieurs ann?es de pilotage de leur Syst?me de Management QSE, l?entreprise s?est essouffl?e car la gestion s?av?rait tr?s lourde. Les ?lots de logiciels ont donc ?t? remplac?s par un ERP afin de r?pondre au principe du management par approche syst?me.
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Especialmente para las empresas que trabajan en la ingenier?a bajo pedido, la colaboraci?n crea ventajas competitivas. Con la colaboraci?n se evitan las demoras, los malos entendidos con los clientes, los errores de dise?o se corrigen en tiempo real, se da un mejor servicio al cliente, se reducen los costos de los prototipos, se asegura el abastecimiento a tiempo sin necesidad de mantener grandes inventaros, etc.
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Process manufacturers can no longer rely on purely reactive strategies to product safety. Now, reactive strategies such as lot tracking need to be incorporated into holistic strategies that include proactive measures to assess risk and prevent costly quality assurance (QA) events like product recalls. Learn how you can develop a product safety master plan that reduces risk, protects products, and improves profitability.
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The global march toward making products and services more sustainable is gaining breadth and speed. No manufacturer will be left untouched by this phenomenon. To thrive in this new low-carbon world, you need to have a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of your products? environmental footprint?from raw materials to manufacturing to distribution to end of life. Learn about life cycle methodologies that can help.
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El marco de la estrategia para el ?xito tiene como objetivo ayudar a las empresas a incrementar la eficiencia organizacional, mediante la aplicaci?n de un enfoque sistem?tico a las actividades de gesti?n interconectadas. El marco tambi?n aumenta la eficiencia organizacional porque permite comprender mejor el impacto de las decisiones de negocio dentro y fuera de la empresa.
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The small to midsize market for enterprise applications is already growing. Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking for practical solutions that offer full capabilities at a quick return on investment (ROI). Vendors responding to SMB requirements now offer solutions with rapid implementation, Microsoft Office integration, and mobile support. Find out more about what enterprise application vendors are offering?and what you should be looking for.
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Para ser un fabricante de primera l?nea existen siete claves que transforman la teor?a en acciones espec?ficas. A continuaci?n se explican estas claves y se incluyen ejemplos de su efecto sobre la competitividad de las empresas.
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