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By automating and optimizing business processes, companies gain the efficiency, clarity, and flexibility they need to support the creative development of products and services. Employees in such an environment spend less time on mundane business tasks, focusing instead on generating new ideas and innovative products. Learn how integrated software solutions can help you invest and innovate to sustain your company?s growth.
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A new, connected way of working is breaking down the old, functional silos of activity that kept workers isolated in their desktop cubicles. Rippling across the modern, web-enabled workplace, it links people wherever they work and collaborate?in workplaces, virtual spaces, meeting rooms, and mobile devices. Learn how on-demand applications can combine to create productive, adaptable information sharing and workflow.
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As a result, the outsourcers relationships will transition from supplier to partner, they become better placed to exploit new business opportunities, and save money by focusing efforts on areas that are important to their clients.
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For CFOs, financial managers, and comptrollers, this means having the tools and information necessary for proactive measures (to prevent and mitigate business challenges and risks), as well as for timely response to business opportunities.
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If it doesnt, consider replacing your WMS with an adaptable, flexible system that can help position your business to better leverage your supply chain and take advantage of new business opportunities when the economy recovers.
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The IT investments that have allowed firms in process industries to increase the efficiency of their operations and supply chains have also created vast stores of data. Unfortunately, many companies are still unable redeploy that data to drive innovation. Learn how the next generation of business intelligence (BI) tools can help your company gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the information IT systems generate.
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Until now, SharePoint has been implemented as simply a platform for front-end-heavy intranets, or as a system for limited document sharing and forms automation solutions. However, it now encompasses solutions for web-enabled applications, extranets, intranets, document management, business intelligence, and complex workflow. Thus, SharePoint needs to be internally marketed in a way that maximizes its capabilities for the web-enabled organization.
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Before talking to an SFA vendor, you will need to know the following information about your current situation: How many employees are in your organization? Will your company be in growth mode over the next five years? How quickly are you looking to deploy an SFA solution? What are your total SFA project cost limits? Do you have the in-house IT resources to support an on-premise solution?
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Enterprises, largely based in the US, UK, Japan, and Austraila, are turning to offshoring as a way to minimize costs. The biggest offshoring region is currently India; however, the logistics and costs of outsourcing to this region has caused enterprises to look to other areas, such as Malta. Malta is a promising nearshore IT outsourcing location because of its geography, investment in IT, and capability.
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But success is being found by those Best in Class consumer products manufacturers that go the next step by tying their Lean objectives into business opportunities, and by measuring the impact of the Lean program.
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This white paper describes enterprise SOA and the business opportunities it creates for manufacturers.
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Interaction center managers must deliver greater value on smaller budgets. But you can?t simply cut costs and services, or your customers won?t remain satisfied. To better weather the economic storm, release the untapped potential of your interaction center with software that maximizes your workforce management capabilities. Learn how to go beyond traditional channel data for bigger contact center return on investment.
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With the right ERP system for your type of business, and tools such as the Balanced Scorecard and Executive Dashboard, youll be better able to keep pace with today increasingly complex business environment, identifying business opportunities as well as potential bottlenecks before they become critical.
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TEC has not only helped Pronto acquire VARs, but also works with those VARs in creating business opportunities (details below).
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If it doesnt, consider replacing your WMS with an adaptable, flexible system that can help position your business to better leverage your supply chain and take advantage of new business opportunities as the economy recovers.
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