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name = TEC_WP; Emotional Intelligence and Sales Results: Closing the Knowing and Doing Gap by SalesLeadership --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description The challenge facing many sales managers and business owners is the transfer of selling skills that made them top sales producers.
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Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a term that is still not well understood by many enterprise executives and managers; however, it requires direct interaction between these two areas. The relationship between enterprise resource management (ERP) and SOA is a meeting point for these areas. Business owners, executives, and managers can lead their enterprises to greater profitability and efficiency by understanding SOA.
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To help you understand the areas where you might be missing key information, you need checklists of the most important facts that small to midsize business owners should know about.
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Do you have a data warehouse, one central location for master data? Is now the time to make that move? Now identify the data owner and the business owners for each field. A data owner is the person that is setting up or editing master data.
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However, most articles cater to large organizations and dont concentrate on the needs and objectives of small business owners and managers. The purpose of this whitepaper is to educate small business owners on what, why and how CRM can retain existing customers and help their business grow.
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Small business owners are often characterized as late adopters of IT technology and so they typically avoid experimenting with unproven, leading edge solutions. But, once technology is proven and mainstream, and the price has declined to the point where it is affordable for a smaller company on a budget, small business owners invest in solutions just like their big company counter parts.
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SDMO Industries, a global manufacturer of power generators, sells its broad product line through a variety of sales channels. Communicating accurate product feature and pricing information was challenging, so SDMO looked for a customer relationship management (CRM) and order management software solution to improve sales productivity. Find out how SDMO optimized its global sales teams? efficiency and reduced overall costs.
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The Unmet Needs Of Midsize Companies When Successful Companies Outgrow Their It Landscapes As you look ahead to your company’s future, do you find yourself wondering how you and your employees can maintain the visibility and control your company needs to keep ahead of the competition, focus on customers, and adapt to market changes? Do you wonder how your company will manage its future growth if it
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In fact, a recent SAP study finds that small business owners cite their number one challenge as: "Dont have enough time to make important decisions.
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Small business owners had a chance of appearing in search results with industry giants.
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Most small business owners welcome these changes because they have given them access to markets that previously were open only to the largest corporations. At the same time, however, small business owners are starting to realize that being on equal footing with
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The differentiating classification between human-centric BPM, which emphasizes business ownership of process models, workforce collaboration, and process model execution, and integration-centric
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Avoid Being Reactive All too often, business owners operate reactively - only when a risk "pops up.
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Our experience has taught us that business owners and executives need more than just product information to successfully select and deploy HR technology in their businesses.
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This white paper proposes standards that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners create, format,and manage financial plans.
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