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This makes perfect sense—until business stakeholders begin assessing the vendor as a potential business partner.
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With the help of On-Line CRM Solutions, a Certified Maximizer Business Partner, GrowthWorks upgraded from Maximizer to Maximizer Enterprise 7 running on a SQL database. This enabled the company to integrate the customer database with the transaction database.
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With the assistance of a Maximizer Business Partner, Senior Flexonics deployed Maximizer Enterprise to its global sales force to manage the distribution of leads and collaboration on complex sales opportunities. Today, it collectively manages over 2500 ongoing opportunities at a time, each with a sales cycle of three hours to five years, amongst four or more sales districts and over 300 different sales teams.
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Since they implemented Maximizer Enterprise, the sales people have found it easy to learn, and the marketing department has taken advantage of its flexibility to customize it to their business and marketing needs. Having recently upgraded to Maximizer Enterprise 7 with the implementation, installation, and training services of Certified Multiactive Business Partner, Wintec Group, the users and administrators have seen increased reliability and speed in the daily use of its customer database.
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name = TEC_WP; End-to-End Monitoring Is Critical to Meeting End User Expectations Today and Tomorrow by FireScope --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description To function as a business partner, IT must deliver service at predictable levels—and also contribute to enterprise strategy, by planning for services that enable growth.
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Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI) provides enterprise resource planning software and associated services to clients in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail industries. To facilitate everyday business processes, VAI began to consider a business portal. As a software provider, VAI was intimately familiar with a number of portal products, and decided that IBM Workplace Services Express was best suited for the company.
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Today?s leading-edge business applications go beyond mere Web enablement, where publishing information to the Web is the primary motive (referred to nowadays as Web 1.0 applications). State-of-the-art enterprise software must also incorporate a single, integrated interface that links applications instantly to business processes and collaborative technologies. However, developing Web 2.0 applications is anything but trivial.
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Through the shared services and business partner model, adds Joyce, you can allow the business partners to take care of the organization and think about the organizational issues.
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Rapid Reconciliation "When our business partner urged me to get the Bank Reconciliation module, I resisted. After all, reconciling your bank statement is fairly simple. But after trying the module, I was pleasantly surprised. It easily cut reconciliation time in half. Launching the new Sage MAS 90 system went smoothly. "Ive done several system implementations before, and this was one of the fastest and easiest.
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When Naghi Group?s annual revenue began to soar, it realized that running core business operations on multiple systems was no longer feasible; its current solution lacked the integration capabilities necessary to communicate with its distribution and manufacturing departments. After only a few months since integrating VAI?s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Naghi has already realized its many benefits.
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Of the many challenges businesses face today, managing data growth is one of the most daunting. But while there are myriad choices for storage management solutions, most legacy options cannot address changing business requirements, and the results can cost your organization money, time, and peace of mind. Discover solutions that allow you to optimize your service environment and successfully meet your business challenges.
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Upgrading to CRM solution increases value of relationships for financial services firm. ScotiaMcLeod ( is the investment arm of Scotiabank, one of Canada's largest financial organizations with over $280 billion in assets. ScotiaMcLeod's financial advisors specialize in helping individuals and small business customers plan financial solutions for trusts, estate planning, borrowing and banking services. ScotiaMcLeod has more than 800 financial advisors working in 84 branches across the country. According to Chris Carter, Associate Director and Branch Manager for ScotiaMcLeod's North Vancouver office, the financial services sector is a people-driven business where customer service is critical to success.
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a company"s multienterprise data, application and process integration, and interoperability requirements with external business partners. It"s one of three types of B2B infrastructure software.
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Office supply companies face stiff competition and know that on-time, next-day delivery is imperative to survival. Distributors of any size need accurate inventory data, but when the firm is a large office supplier offering 50,000 items, this need becomes non-negotiable. Find out how one company overcame such challenges as maintaining inventory, tracking sales and commissions, and guaranteeing next-day delivery.
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Net, JAVA, ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft), MS SQL, Powerbuilder, Informix, etc The companies are ISO 9001 certified and use well appreciated methodologies such as RUP and DSDM and support frameworks like ITIL The IT companies invest heavily in know how Strong international focus since Maltese market has become saturated Most of these companies thrive on demand from the UK, Ireland and Libya Malta is geographically attractive as an IT Outsourcing location Maltese are fluent
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