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In our product, cost and vendor sections, you will find special considerations each buyer type should make. See the Buyer Type Worksheet in the "Tools" section to identify your Buyer Type. Keep in mind that your organization may share characteristics of more than one buyer type.
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In the product, cost, and vendor sections, we refer to special considerations that certain buyer types should undertake. Keep in mind that your organization may share characteristics of more than one of these groups. Therefore, you should formulate a plan that incorporates unique organizational needs while selecting a product and a vendor. For ERP systems the buyer types have
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Determine buyer type: Refer to our Buyer Type Worksheet to learn which buyer category you belong to.
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How much functionality do you need? Basic sales capabilities----1 point Some advanced functionality----2 points Fully featured, with the possibility of additional third-party tools----3 points Results: Based on your final points total, your organization probably fits into the following buyer types: Basics Buyer 5-7 Youre looking for a standalone SFA solution that going to be purely focused on sales.
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Who are the purchasing decision makers? What is their buyer type? Who are the influencers? What are their needs and requirements for doing business? Qualifying the Business The customer’s business can be delineated into two key areas.
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