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Midsize retailers recognize the value of business intelligence (BI), but many feel BI solutions are beyond their reach. Nowhere is this need more keenly felt than in the midsize retail business, where the right decisions can mean all the difference between success and failure. With limited budgets and staff size, there?s little margin for error. So, how should midsize companies approach these issues? Learn more.
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For the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to fulfill its vital health mission, it must expedite and streamline its workflow processes?and the forms, approvals, and documents associated with those processes. As NIMH grew, tracking and managing forms was just one challenge that needed to be addressed. Learn about the Web-based workflow software that provides users with automated business process management.
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In today?s challenging economic environment, no company can afford to be rash. But can the ?do nothing? approach really pass as sound business strategy? As in the best of times, companies need to understand the nature of the pressures they face and take clear action to address them head-on. Discover how to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly?focus your energy on developing clarity and transparency in your company.
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To achieve operational excellence, process manufacturers must be able to control costs while meeting customer expectations. Best-in-class process companies provide visibility into manufacturing operations while using real-time interoperability between manufacturing systems and business systems. Discover how best-in-class process manufacturers accomplish this, as well as other characteristics that help them succeed.
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In times of economic uncertainty, you need to actively seek out best practices in how to adopt practical working capital optimization to improve financial performance while maintaining customer satisfaction. Learn about the three key performance criteria that define best-in-class organizations, and how they?re making their focus within the supply chain on working capital?primarily by optimizing inventory management.
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Far from being a philanthropic ?nice to have,? top-performing companies view sustainability as a ?must-have? strategy for long-term success. Sustainability encompasses strategies to ensure optimal performance related to the business, the environment, and society. This road map can get you started: learn how to match environmental and social stewardship to actionable, and measurable improvements to your bottom line.
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Have you come to the conclusion that your company needs a supply chain planning system? Do you need to provide management and other key decision makers with reasons why you need a supply chain planning system? One way that a supply chain planning system can help you is by enforcing best practices and processes. Get more details on this and 10 other reasons why you should implement a supply chain system that works for you.
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El que tiene la informaci?n tiene el poder. Pero en un entorno altamente competitivo, en medio de una econom?a llena de altibajos y cambios radicales en el mercado, tener la informaci?n no es suficiente. Las organizaciones de hoy, p?blicas y privadas, deben tambi?n analizarla, interpretarla y compartirla para poder tomar decisiones estrat?gicas oportunamente y ganar una ventaja competitiva.
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Many successful midsized companies reach a point when transitioning to a tier-one enterprise application system is necessary. Transitioning to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a challenge?but it may not be as complex as you think. Learn common myths about tier-one ERP systems, as well as how ERP solutions can help you manage regulatory compliance and track performance with key performance indicators.
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The rapid change in consumer?s shopping behavior?switching from in-person shopping to online shopping?has resulted in a demand for agility, flexibility, and transactional processing power in e-commerce solutions. But more and more online merchants find that their shopping carts are not ?smart? enough to convert random visitors into shoppers with confirmed orders. Learn about a new shopping cart solution that can help.
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Arysta LifeScience, one of the largest privately held crop protection and life sciences companies in the world, needed a business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) solution that would give users access to information from multiple systems, across multiple business areas. Learn how TEC?s software evaluation and selection methodology helped Arysta select the winning solution in only three months.
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DataQuick, provider of data products and services, was looking for a powerful analytical tool to help its customers easily uncover hidden patterns and trends. After defining its needs, the company found a business intelligence (BI) analysis and reporting tool with the features it needed, including a fit with its existing Microsoft technology, and dynamic reports and dashboards customers could easily create. Learn more.
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La competencia global y la presi?n sobre los precios implican una carga extraordinaria para las empresas, que las lleva a esforzarse por conseguir nuevos niveles de eficacia, innovaci?n y competitividad. Las aplicaciones de inteligencia de negocios pueden permitir que las empresas respondan con eficiencia en un mercado vol?til sin perder eficacia operacional, y, adem?s, pueden representar la diferencia entre el liderazgo del mercado y la lucha por la supervivencia.
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Today?s knowledge workers spend more time sorting though a huge amount of information and less time adding value to it. Enterprises have responded by moving to a self-service business intelligence (BI) model. But that often conflicts with efforts to control, secure, centralize, and optimize their BI environments. Learn how you can get the right data now, while maintaining information quality and operational security.
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To stay competitive, organizations must constantly review the status of their projects, and make rapid decisions about which should continue, which should change, and which are worth launching. To make these choices they need easy access to up-to-date business-relevant information. Learn about business intelligence (BI) solutions that are helping knowledge workers extract, analyze, visualize, and share that information.
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