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The key to enterprise performance management is to identity a company?s value drivers, focus on them, and align the company to drive results. But there are many management methodologies?such as the balanced scorecard, performance prism, and five forces. What is the right framework for your business? Find out about six management processes and the tools that can help you asses which metrics framework will work for you.
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If you?re considering investing in business intelligence (BI) software, you need to know about the features and functionalities BI solutions offer, and how to use them to improve your business performance. The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE Plus) is a suite of BI products with a range of capabilities. Find out if OBIEE Plus offers your company the BI tools you need.
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Many business intelligence (BI) tools are designed for professional analysts and not business users. As a result, executives find they still don?t have the information they need to make decisions quickly and effectively. In order to maximize your potential in BI, you must embed it into the daily routine of your entire company. Find out about a BI solution that can help you, with functionality like interactive reporting.
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Most companies recognize that business intelligence (BI) is critical to business process improvement and decision making, because these BI tools turn data into actionable information. However, many companies fail to put BI tools into the hands of users who would most benefit from them. Find out how IT executives can leverage today?s less complex BI tools to empower your company from top to bottom.
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Is it is possible for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to achieve levels of application integration historically reserved for large enterprises with deep IT pockets? Duplication of data can be eliminated with the right electronic document management system (EDMS). Discover how an EDMS can be integrated with other core business applications to replace paper files and documents, driving efficiency and managing IT costs.
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The market penetration of server virtualization is staggering. Nearly 100 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are using virtualization technologies on production systems. On the other end of the spectrum, virtual utility hosts and cloud computing vendors are springing up to cost-effectively support smaller companies, showing benefit for those that require only a single server. Everyone is virtualizing, but why? Find out.
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Achieving perfection in all of its transactions is important for shipping companies like Yantian?perfection that can only come with automation. While Yantian uses industry-standard electronic data interchange (EDI) to exchange transaction documents, it must accommodate the wide variety of media, formats, and protocols shippers use. Find out how Yantian used a server solution to simplify its trading partner management.
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Early in 2004, software service provider Vermont Information Processing (VIP) saw an opportunity to help beverage producers drive down costs, improve productivity, and increase the accuracy of their business processes through automated supply chain communication solutions?or electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. Find out why VIP chose Inovis? suite of EDI solutions, and how it and its clients are benefiting.
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En este documento, muestra c?mo las tecnolog?as BPM ofrecen el motor id?neo para aumentar los niveles de productividad y competitividad de forma continua, facilitando la adopci?n de una estrategia para gestionar de forma unificada personas, sistemas y contenidos a trav?s de los procesos, algo que asegura la mejora de la eficiencia y a la efectividad.
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Need a model to help calculate an estimate of manpower needs by role, timeline, and labor cost to build a data mart based on user-supplied variables? Here?s a calculator that provides two estimates. The first is based on using the traditional ?develop by committee,? and the second on developing the same data mart at the developmental level. The model needs minimal input and can be changed to fit your needs. Find out more.
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MISTRAL Engines, founded in 2001, has a line of engines to meet the needs of 21st-century aviation. MISTRAL looked for a data management system that was flexible enough to adjust smoothly and on an ad hoc basis to a company in constant growth and with continuously evolving processes. Find out how its new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution helps the company throughout the full product development process.
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Traditionally, implementation time, user skill set requirements, data management complexity, and deployment costs have presented major barriers to business intelligence (BI) adoption in small to medium businesses (SMBs). Now, several new BI solutions are targeted at SMBs?but are these offerings geared for customers with limited IT resources and inexperienced users? Find out what you need to know about BI deployment in SMBs.
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Organizations are beginning to wake up to the fact that the data they collect and manage should be viewed as a corporate asset. Data is the one thing that separates you from your competitors?and the quality of your data can be your competitive advantage or disadvantage. Discover six key steps you can take and put into effect to help you realize a tangible return on investment (ROI) on your data quality initiative.
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Do you use real customer profiles and statistics to drive marketing efforts, or real employee data for salary or benefit analysis? While these activities are critical to success, they can put you at risk for a data breach. But with a data security system, you can maintain the data?s original properties, while giving clearance for key business activities to proceed. Learn how to assure your sensitive data is protected.
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Wist, an office supply company offering over 40,000 products, was running an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The primary concern was the system?s lack of flexibility, which incurred unnecessary labor costs. As well, errors were common and prevented Wist from getting the information needed for data analysis. With a new ERP for distribution, Wist has streamlined operations and reduced costs. Learn how.
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