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Introduction: The reality of cloud services Thirty-five percent. By 2014, analysts believe that thirty-five percent, or over one-third, of global enterprise IT budgets will be spent on cloud services.
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Services include: Assessing the total cost of ownership for building and integrating cloud computing capability using economic modeling Developing a cloud strategy, based on your business and IT objectives Planning, configuring and testing the servers, storage and technologies necessary to deploy cloud services from inside your own data center.
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NTT sees cloud services as an important next step in its evolution and will be launching new services in 2009 with a focus on security and reliability. 7.1.2 Rackspace Hosting Headquartered in the UK, Rackspace Hosting Europe provides managed hosting, email hosting and cloud services across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
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0 and to what are known as "cloud services" and "Web computing.
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SaaS, despite its phenomenal popularity, is certainly not one-size-fits-all. You need to consider decision criteria such as fit, return on investment, and risk. Learn how SaaS works, who the major vendors are, how SaaS can help your business grow, and how to find the SaaS solution that?s right for you. It?s all in this comprehensive SaaS Buyer?s Guide for Wholesale and Distribution from TEC and SupplyChainBrain.
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