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Promoting Equity, Enhancing Profitable Growth On the other hand, by properly aligning sales territories, firms can support company strategy by ensuring that revenue opportunities, product portfolios, and customer needs match the capabilities of the sales force.
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Moreover, companies are asking their financial officers to take on a more prominent role in defining company strategy.
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Dany Toniutti, outsourcing program manager for RIM, described the company strategy for overcoming the challenges inherent in this super-charged environment during a recent IndustryWeek Operational Excellence Web Conference sponsored by Kinaxis.
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So who belongs on the implementation team? Choose middle managers who are key users of the software and have extensive knowledge of both company strategy and detailed processes.
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Over time, they will learn to manage effectively in the context of the company strategy, systems, and culture- they will become good insiders.
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The SOP process comprises a series of integrated and interdependent business reviews, structured and focused to ensure that the tactical plans in all of the business functions and geographies are aligned and in support of the company strategy.
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Estrella Partners can accelerate the alignment of your technology operations with your overall company strategy.
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As global economies become more uncertain, companies face increasing pressure to remain competitive. While an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help, it?s only as effective as the effort placed in the implementation. By being aware of the reasons implementations fail and knowing what best practices to use to help ensure success, you can save valuable time and money?and have a higher return on investment (ROI).
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The company strategy illustrates our framework in particularly illuminating ways.
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Articulating company strategy. This may be more challenging than youd expect. A clear statement of strategy is the foundation for the project, because you will follow up by listing not only the immediate pains that have driven your company to the brink of BPM, but also which of the strategic and tangible BPM benefits you consider immediate and essential, which are longer-term nice-to-haves, and which dont really matter.
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A workforce optimization solution can help an IC organization forecast, plan, and execute in alignment with company strategy.
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A sophisticated portfolio management solution includes real-time analytics that can help analyze the performance of projects and ongoing engagements in light of the company strategy and the business environment.
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Instead, discussion usually centers on the positive aspects of the company strategy and the need to rally around said strategy, with scant consideration of the downside possibilities.
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Similarly, merely collecting unstructured data from the web will provide very little actionable information that can be used to improve a company strategy or operations.
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Tie these reports back to the company strategy without being too tactical.
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