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their compliance strategy. Executing best practices-Stakeholders should provide a means to document and train resources on best-practice methodologies outlined by the governance framework. Assessing performance and cost-Stakeholders need to include a system to evaluate the true cost and benefit of the compliance strategy, and a process to incorporate these metrics into the best practices and standard processes put in place.
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a company-wide compliance strategy. At the center of these efforts, is the need to take the lessons learned and create sustained competitive advantage through the use of enterprise quality and compliance-management strategies. Combining business process management and efforts toward regulatory compliance is delivering stronger-thanexpected competitive advantages for those companies that are aggressively pursuing a company-wide compliance strategy.
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But these pains often result from dealing with compliance in a clumsy way due to a lack of resources and the absence of a compliance strategy.
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To many managers, the words ?business process management? (BPM) conjure up images of complexity?months of planning, meetings, and more meetings. While BPM can be complex, it needn?t be. You can move quickly to implement process automation for your company. Learn what to consider and act on as you contemplate how to automate your business processes and increase competitive advantage and customer loyalty.
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There?s no magic bullet for compliance success?even the most experienced organizations use a combination of reliable processes and proven technologies to get the job done. But identifying, designing, and executing the right internal controls to meet compliance standards in a large, global company can be arduous and expensive. The systems you use to support compliance efforts must be implemented well. Find out more.
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Process manufacturers can no longer rely on purely reactive strategies to product safety. Now, reactive strategies such as lot tracking need to be incorporated into holistic strategies that include proactive measures to assess risk and prevent costly quality assurance (QA) events like product recalls. Learn how you can develop a product safety master plan that reduces risk, protects products, and improves profitability.
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Developing a sound compliance strategy requires a unified solution—one that includes all the necessary components, but also keeps the business users in mind.
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Of all the points that you should focus on when planning ISO 9001 standards projects, corrective action and root cause analysis should rise to the top of your priorities list. Learn how to improve your approach to ISO 9001, how to implement a system that can help you ensure that your approach is feasible and effective, and about the one tool that you need help ensure your company becomes ISO 9001 2000 certified.
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Midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger companies, and likewise they must comply with the same regulations. But, their security budgets are smaller. The good news is that IT security systems don?t have to be expensive. Learn about the top three security problems, how to develop security policies using integrated security solutions, and how to do vulnerability assessment with low-cost security tools.
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For today?s small to medium manufacturers, increasing the bottom line while optimizing efficiency poses an increasingly difficult challenge, especially in our current economic crisis. This, coupled with competition in a global environment, puts manufacturers in a tight spot. Discover the key challenges facing small to medium manufacturers, and the on-demand solutions you can leverage to sustain and win business.
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Understanding the full scope of risk in today?s complex business environment is a must for achieving compliance with governmental mandates and industry regulations. However, many companies have a limited perception of risk and struggle to make compliance an enterprise-wide, integrated process. Compliance is no longer a one-time isolated project; it?s an ongoing effort?and you?re just tens steps away from discovering why.
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When it comes to transaction tax management, midsized companies haven?t much choice. They can either stay the course?increasingly complex and risky?or they can change direction and embrace outsourcing as a way to achieve compliance. Per this survey, only 14 percent are satisfied with their present course. As a viable outsource offering for mid-market tax compliance now exists, such a shift seems inevitable. Learn more.
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Corporate awareness is not a sufficient compliance strategy.
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Additional functionality to support your compliance strategy SOPs can be supported in a variety of ways within Microsoft Great Plains.
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A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, privacy violations, and other electronic disasters. Find out what it takes to make a compliance program succeed, and learn the importance of establishing clearly written rules, formal employee education, and effective hosted-services solutions right from the start.
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