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Today?s economic environment requires you to evaluate whether your current financial institution is in it for the long haul and can offer the full breadth of services that you may need. Many of these vital services can be delivered from one source?your bank. Your primary concern in selecting a financial services institution should be the security of your assets and data. Find out what to look for, and what to avoid.
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Once you decide it?s time to upgrade the enterprise resource planning (ERP) for accounting system, the next question is: ?How much does it cost?? However, many variables factor into the total project price?and software is only a fraction of that. Discover 16 insider tips that can help you save money, as well as 30 specific questions to ask your software vendor, so you can avoid hidden costs and understand the total quote.
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New Avenue Solutions is a consultant for small to medium businesses (SMBs) in network setup and installation, security, data backup, and more. As part of New Avenue?s service offering, it rents rack space in a data warehouse to manage customers? network and backup solutions. As storage demands grew, transfer rates slowed, and maintenance became increasingly time consuming. Learn how New Avenue overcame the problems.
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Many small to medium businesses (SMBs) do not have experience with software as a service (SaaS), but are looking to adopt SaaS solutions soon. According to studies, 2009 will be the tipping point, with a majority of companies aiming to adopt SaaS this year. But these companies must be cautious, as the old rules for on-premise software analysis and purchase don?t apply. Discover the new rigorous criteria you should use.
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Rising data volume is not the only reason companies are concerned with issues of data integration and data quality. The growing numbers of disparate systems that produce and distribute data add to the complexity. But in many companies, data quality management has not kept pace with the growth of data integration projects, and its use is immature. Find out how moving toward a single data services architecture can help.
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Este caso de estudio ilustra como una compa??a latinoamericana llevo a cabo su selecci?n de software empresarial, despu?s de haber adquirido otras compa??as y con ellas varios sistemas ERP. Este caso de estudio se enfoca en la metodolog?a usada para alcanzar el ?xito en la selecci?n de una soluci?n ?nica. Ent?rese sobre la metodolog?a de mejores pr?cticas en la selecci?n de software de Technology Evaluation Centers.
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Oracle?s Accelerate is a program in which Certified and Certified Advantage partners build industry-specific solutions combining Oracle enterprise applications and rapid-implementation tools with the partners? own expertise or software. The program aims to reduce the time, complexity, and cost of deploying Oracle solutions, to make them suitable for mid-market companies and governmental organizations. Learn more.
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Hosted services can offer a sound solution for small and medium businesses requiring safe and reasonably priced platforms. Applying the same concept at a higher level could result in hosting and services providers leasing or renting virtual real estate for the services they provide in order to lower their initial investments or subsequent upgrade costs. Learn more about ?hosted hosting,? the new breed of hosting services.
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Consultant Paul Mitnick chose the Training Partner learning management system (LMS) to help a real estate firm consolidate its learning management program. In addition to a breakdown of the steps involved in his LMS software selection process, you?ll also discover how the LMS implementation went?including the testing and timing involved in ensuring that all data was in the new LMS before it was accessed by users.
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Stand-alone learning management systems (LMS) often lack scalability, reliability, and secure access?and the interfaces to offer these features. But new development strategies, standards, and tools can move LMS into the ?next generation.? If you?re an independent software vendor (ISV), an engineer of educational software products, or the chief learning officer of a corporate university, this info will interest you.
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The crucial interoperability of wireless network devices built around the 802.11 standard is threatened by the advent of faster technologies. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is trying to cope by developing the 802.11n standard?but it?s still in draft form. Meanwhile, how can manufacturers cope with the confusion surrounding the future of 802.11? Get an outline of the situation.
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Today?s mobile software companies face a daunting challenge: How can they achieve quality while getting to market swiftly? After all, speed is king in the mobile market. The trade-off between speed and quality in mobile software development is an illusion?or should be. Get a closer look at the situation with a framework that presents a way to use quality assurance (QA) processes to accelerate development.
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Sales at F.J. Westcott began to grow, placing a greater demand on its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?s inventory capabilities. Unrelieved inventory and other challenges led Westcott to seek a new ERP system?and a software evaluation and comparison methodology within the company?s budget. See how Technology Evaluation Centers? Software Selection Services provided the resources for a confident decision.
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Digital marketing involves using your Web site and associated marketing tools to promote your business online. You can learn some basic skills in both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing. But for optimal results, you?re advised to consult a professional, who can provide you with insight into what SEO services should entail, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting a supplier.
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High Concrete encountered several challenges in trying to understand its customer relationship management (CRM) data. Its CRM reporting involved lengthy and error-prone processes. After seeing a demonstration of a business intelligence (BI) application specifically designed for its Dynamics CRM system, the company knew integrating the two systems would be easy?and provide flexible reports, quickly and accurately.
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