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Access control is more than just checking devices for malware before admitting them to a network. Identity-based network access control (NAC) looks at the identities of users and devices, and knows what resource they are authorized to access, allowing enterprises to tightly control access, and the devices and behavior of users.
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Whatever their requirements, having a quality control system assures your customers that the products and services you offer are of high quality.
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While many ERP software companies claim to support manufacturing companies, their solutions do little more than accounting, order entry, and other office tasks. They are not suitable for use on the shop floor. Fortunately, today?s integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can provide the shop floor control and manufacturing execution systems (MES) functionality that manufacturers need. Find out more.
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To lock down student workstation functionality, Newburgh Enlarged City School District finally implemented a solution to control system settings and application functionality.
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name = TEC_WP; How to Build an it Infrastructure for Net Weight Control by Hertzler Systems --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description A modern weight control system must support data entry from humans, as well as direct acquisition from weigh scales and devices.
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It can be a real problem keeping prices competitive when manufacturing costs are soaring. Over-pack and giveaway can be a huge drain on company profits. However, real-time weight control software can pay tremendous dividends if implemented properly. Integrating a weight control database into an existing system can reduce errors, ?fool-proof? data collection, and shift the system from reactive to proactive.
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Despite several attempts to implement a computerized information control system to help correct these issues, the company continued to work with its outdated system.
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But a warehouse control system (WCS)? In your warehouse, a WCS can
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) on the shop floor is critical. High-performing manufacturers have found that full integration of real-time operational data collected from the shop floor to the top floor is key to reducing costs, streamlining operations, and improving customer satisfaction. Learn how integrated ERP brings manufacturers improved quality, increased production throughput, less scrap, and other benefits.
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Benefits While there are many tangible yet un-quantifiable benefits of an efficient production planning, execution and control system, for Return on Investment exercise we only include quantifiable benefits.
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For many manufacturers, implementing on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems involves delays, unexpected costs, and unsatisfying results. But over the last decade, the innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model has evolved to let manufacturers move beyond traditional enterprise software. Learn how SaaS solutions can deliver ERP integration, ease of use, and up-to-date functionality.
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Distributors must ensure the quantity of products shown to be available in their software system agrees with what is physically in their warehouses. If it doesn?t, valuable time and money are lost as customers seek other suppliers, salespeople physically check stock, and buyers are forced to overstock. Learn the policies and procedures that can maximize your inventory management system to maintain accurate stock balances.
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The warehouse management system (WMS) concept has matured into a collection of time-tested technologies that reduce inventory costs and increase overall inventory management efficiencies. By implementing WMS technology, organizations can achieve a higher return on their software dollars and provide better service to their customers. A WMS can provide organizations with tangible benefits that improve warehouse operations without adding headcount.
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SDMO Industries, a global manufacturer of power generators, sells its broad product line through a variety of sales channels. Communicating accurate product feature and pricing information was challenging, so SDMO looked for a customer relationship management (CRM) and order management software solution to improve sales productivity. Find out how SDMO optimized its global sales teams? efficiency and reduced overall costs.
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After one week of shipments, global cost control system flags higher than expected freight charges for goods from Bangladesh. Logistics investigates; finds ineffective consolidation, agent fees not considered in targets. Routing reset through better consolidation point. Target cost updated with agent fees. Three weeks later, global cost control system flags higher than expected duties and inland transportation costs.
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