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Before you talk to a payroll services provider, you need to ask yourself several important questions about the current situation of your organization, and to consider its budget, expected growth, and more. Here?s a checklist of some of those questions so you can make the most of your consultation with potential services providers. Get organized and know your requirements before you commit to buying a payroll solution.
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Nationwide and global multi-site technology rollouts require internal resources beyond just a single point of contact. By understanding the dynamics and configurations of a deployment company?s internal resources, you can be sure that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective system of methodologies for your project. Get the critical information you need to evaluate a technology rollout company effectively and ensure that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective implementation system for your technology deployment projects.
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Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is Canada?s largest bank and one of North America?s leading diversified financial services companies. To deliver regulatory-based courses and learning through a global, cost-effective channel, RBC replaced its homegrown learning management system (LMS) with a cost-effective, enterprise-wide solution, and consolidated its LMS for streamlined operations. Find out how they did it.
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The importance of resource selection is undervalued in the software industry. But in fact, the resource selection process is directly related to software development mission success. The in-house interview process typically fails to achieve comprehensive in-depth skills assessment, and is not cost-effective. However, you can improve matters by integrating external technical skills assessment expertise into the hiring process.
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As a business employing IT, you may have encountered situations where the software application you purchased didn?t come with a help file. With no time to write complete documentation yourself and no budget to hire a professional technical writer to do it for you, what do you do? By applying the basic principles of cost-effective documentation, your business can develop impressive documentation quickly?for a minimal cost.
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Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry consolidation is nothing new, the constantly changing market dynamic affects product lifecycles, supportability, and ERP return on investment. In fact, you could say that it both creates new potential and contributes to old problems. Get a handle on what this changing market means for you, with this overview of industry consolidation pros and cons.
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While the growing trend among companies today is to implement stronger password policies to increase network security, it seems that many still struggle with finding the most cost-effective solution. Read about what a recent survey of over 600 IT professionals discovered about password policies, and find out why implementing a low-risk, cost-effective, and secure password management solution is just what you need.
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Michigan Virtual University (MVU) was set up as a not-for-profit corporation to serve as a champion for online learning and a provider of cost-effective services and technology that support teaching and learning. MVU wanted to launch a more cost-effective version of its LearnPort that would allow teachers to get training anywhere with an Internet connection. Find out about the learning management system (LMS) MVU chose.
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Gruppo Tosinvest is by no means a single-process company. Beside a core focus on health care, it also runs businesses in the media, real estate, financial services, and engineering and construction sectors. With such an array of processes, controlling IT costs is of utmost importance. That?s why it decided to upgrade the enterprise software it had been running since 2001.
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Mission Rubber?s customers?the manufacturer?s representatives and distributors it sells through?began insisting on the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) for all transactions. The company wanted a reliable supplier that could provide cost-effective EDI translation and document exchange functionality. Find out why Mission Rubber finds its EDI solution is simple to set up, manage, and use?and how the company benefits.
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Because today?s IT budgets are under increasing scrutiny and business requirements have become more complex, buyers of business intelligence (BI) solutions must evaluate total cost of ownership (TCO). The BI architecture can be an asset to IT departments, meeting a range of user needs while minimizing the amount of IT maintenance and administration. Learn more about how to do TCO analysis of a BI system?before you buy.
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Two-thirds of the 400 survey participants in a 2007 Aberdeen report about inventory management place a high priority on working capital optimization. Many companies are reconsidering their business strategies, including implementing appropriate technology platforms that help automate supply chain processes. Learn about cost-effective and practical ways to reduce inventory so that working capital can be released.
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When companies have technology rollouts to deploy on a nationwide or global scale, service efficiency is critical. By understanding the details of the Rollout Services Model, they can avoid the potential nightmares of project implementation and increase the chances that projects are completed on time and within budget. Learn how to evaluate a technology rollout company effectively and ensure that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective implementation system for your technology deployment projects.
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2 wireless requirements apply to them, how to meet those requirements in a cost effective way, and how to secure your network and cardholder data from wireless threats.
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Technology rollouts on a nationwide and global scale require technicians to perform onsite work. Though you may have hired a technology rollout Company to manage and deploy these technicians, they ultimately serve as direct representatives of your company. If they are ill-mannered, inexperienced, or unprofessional, it is a direct reflection of your company to your customer and you are faced with the consequences. Thus, understanding the relationship your technology rollout company has with its field technicians is very important. Find out how to intelligently evaluate a technology rollout company to ensure that your deployment is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
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