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Even in challenging economic times, companies still need to use technology to communicate with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Cutting back on spending can have a negative effect in a long downturn. You?ll have fewer options when conditions improve?and a disadvantage compared to competitors that continue to invest. Learn about 10 steps you can take to maximize use of communications, while minimizing costs.
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NOW YOU MUST INNOVATE ACROSS SUPPLIER AND CUSTOMER PROCESSES COLLABORATE WITH CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS More and more, chemical companies are developing new products in close collaboration with customers and suppliers. This can yield a competitive advantage, since collaboration can accelerate product innovation and enable real-time responsiveness to market changes.
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Employees, both onsite and remote, as well as customers and suppliers, can all play important roles and should be aware that they have equity in the decisions being made.
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They are seeking an end-to-end solution that eliminates the need to consider a multiplicity of applications and solutions providers that also simplifies all their processes for dealing with customers and suppliers and for manufacturing their products.
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The extension of the supply chain to customers and suppliers by leading companies has driven the need to deliver software training, content and support to external trading partners.
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Alerts supplied by inventory visualization solutions provide customers and suppliers with a method to manage inventory by exception.
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The system provides a powerful on-demand suite of integrated tools for supply chain management, connecting the manufacturer with its customers and suppliers through an online database of information and paperless, real-time communication between trading partners.
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However, pre-built server devices or appliances contain one convenient, ready-to-go system, minimizing configuration glitches and letting customers and suppliers step back while the appliance does the work.
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Demand management includes weekly meetings to review consumption, orders, and inished good buffer levels, then use the advance planning system to collaborate with customers and suppliers to ensure prompt response to demand changes.
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As Web-based technologies evolve and mature, both customers and suppliers will have even more immediate access to the information on which they need to act quickly and in concert with the manufacturer?s QRM strategy.
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Orezone strikes gold with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains. Orezone is a Canadian mining company that needed a more efficient means to track and store data sent from its African mines to its Canadian offices. Learn how it used MBS Great Plains to boost efficiency.
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Having input from customers and suppliers well before the manufacturing process begins enables manufacturers to close sales even before the first product comes off the production line.
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Companies frequently struggle to effectively manage their supply chain relationships, particularly those with non-strategic customers and suppliers (partly since most resources are focused on irst-tier, strategic trading partners and customers).
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The application, developed by TechniData based on SAP NetWeaver, supports product content and substance list documentation, compliance checking, and automated communication with customers and suppliers.
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For example, messages can be routed to customers and suppliers, alerting them immediately to information such as the contents of a particular shipment or potential delivery delays.
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