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Digital Britain is the UK government?s strategic plan for the UK?s digital economy. While social inclusion and rights protection are major themes, the plan will also have a significant impact on businesses?encouraging the distribution and virtualization of business functions, and interconnectivity between companies, customers, suppliers, and employees. Learn how to minimize any harmful impact on your business.
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Service management has become critical for today?s organizations. To remain competitive, businesses need more appropriate services to support their customers, suppliers, and business partners. Discover how ?service cycles? have evolved since the 1990s, learn how to make hidden service life cycles visible, and find out how, once they are visible, they can help you improve services and align IT with business objectives.
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Tokenization is a new type of technology that is being used by companies to reduce the risk of losing sensitive data to identity thieves. This paper discusses how you can make practical use of tokenization to reduce your risk. Additionally, this paper discusses specific target applications in your organization that you should consider for an implementation of tokenization.
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Better decision making is critical during a recession?when resources are restricted?which makes business intelligence (BI) and analytics appealing to management. But justifying large capital outlays for software is challenging unless short-term benefits can be correlated with the investment. The key is to execute each project within the long-term strategic plan of organization-wide decision management. Find out how.
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Most chief executive officers (CEOs) have developed strategies that push their companies to achieve certain goals. So why are so many companies failing to achieve these goals? Because their twenty-first century vision is being held back by twentieth century processes and IT systems. The missing ingredient: information. And the key to facilitating the flow of information lies in integrated processes.
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Today?s manufacturers face rising costs, increased competition, and changing customer requirements. If their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are not up to par, these companies face dizzying levels of complexity, duplicated effort, and poor product quality and customer service. Learn how to tell whether your ERP system is killing your business, and how a new approach to business systems can help you thrive.
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Customer and commercial demands are changing the way manufacturers manage their positions in the supply chain. The financial impact on a company that is unable to respond to change can be crippling, especially in a global market. Learn about the benefits of using a response management process, so you can access live data from multiple systems across various locations?for more intelligent and empowered decision making.
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Customer relationship management (CRM) issues can often be traced to ineffective processes involving human communication. But you can overcome the limitations of marketing, sales, and service processes. With communication-enabled business processes?powered by communications systems integrated with business applications?you can have more visibility into interactions and improve your end-to-end performance. Learn more.
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The new reality for manufacturing CIOs is that budgets are far less than what they used to be and the ability to provide business intelligence to front line users in a simple and workable format is a new measure of information technology (IT) performance.
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It?s not just operating talent and facilities that win business for logistics service providers. Every community of clients, customers, suppliers, and carriers must work together to fulfill perfect orders. However, few supply chain communities consist entirely of companies with top-notch supply chain applications. Learn how a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help fill the gaps?and increase value to your clients.
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In 2002, US suppliers wrote off more than $18 billion (USD) in bad checks. And the bankruptcy picture has certainly not improved since then. Companies that act quickly to secure overdue accounts are the companies that have the best chance of remaining in the black. The SYSPRO Collections Module automates debt collection, and can help address this acute need.
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is no longer just for giant companies. Time and critical mass have dramatically cut the cost, complexity, and speed to value of ERP solutions. Today?s ERP systems enable companies of every size to maximize speed and flexibility to close the gap in core business processes, and to gain visibility into customer needs and supplier performance.
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Capstone Turbine Corporation, an energy innovator, needed to implement management, business model, and strategy changes. It also needed to improve product reliability, modularize configurations, and provide visibility. By using SAP products, such as SAP BI, SAP EP, and SAP Best Practices, it realized performance measures for key business activities, and improved sales and inventory management.
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It may come as a surprise to you, but every organization that brings a product to market already has a product lifecycle management (PLM) system in place. And the choices as to which software tools or system an organization should employ in its initiatives should be entirely based on the review and assessment of its current PLM system.
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Finance executives must meet a growing number of challenges if their companies are to continue being profitable. So how can they deliver strong performance in every aspect of their businesses? The answer: by deploying a corporate financial management system that expands the capabilities of their core activities?a system that extends its reach to automate other processes within the enterprise.
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