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The evolution of test automation towards data-driven and key/action word frameworks reflects the realization that the process becomes more efficient if there is less code to develop and maintain. Instead of taking twenty years to evolve towards efficiency, you can take a revolutionary leap with a code-free approach that makes it easier to implement, manage, and maintain automated tests.
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So managed hosting does not include pure colocation services, where just data centre space is provided. Neither is it taken to include hosted business applications such as email and CRM (so called software as a service, SaaS). Trying to categorise such things is always problematic as there is much overlap.
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Blade servers have a major advantage over traditional ones?improving processing ability while using less power per server. But, with their smaller footprint, blades can be much more densely packed, resulting in racks that use up to 20 times the electrical power and generate up to 20 times the heat. This can stress power and cooling system capability. Learn how to create a power and cooling strategy with these guidelines.
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To reduce time to market and realize the full value of its intellectual property, Cadbury plc needed to ensure compliance with government regulations. The company launched a long-term data management strategy, which included storing all data in a central repository?a product lifecycle management (PLM) system. Find out how Cadbury not only ensured compliance but also improved its response to consumer and customer queries.
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A remote data backup solution can be compliant with almost any international, federal, or state data protection regulation?and can be compliant with the common caveats of most data security laws by providing functionality like data encryption and secure media control. And, as some regulations require files to be archived for several years, you can create a routine that archives files you select for backup and storage.
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Globally, data center power and cooling infrastructure wastes more than 60 million megawatt-hours per year that do not contribute usefully to powering IT equipment. This is an enormous financial burden on industry, and is a significant public policy environmental issue. Find out about the principles of a new data center architecture that can be implemented today to dramatically improve the electrical efficiency of your data center.
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commodity data center , server architecture , data center strategy , data centre designs , data center reviews , server architecture solutions , data center equipment , Executive Summary Room cooling is an ineffective approach for next-generation data centers.
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The quantity of information in the world is soaring. Merely keeping up with, and storing new information is difficult enough. Analyzing it, to spot patterns and extract useful information, is harder still. Even so, this data deluge has great potential for good?as long as consumers, companies, and governments make the right choices about when to restrict the flow of data, and when to encourage it. Find out more.
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Today?s information technology (IT) organizations are dealing with the consequences of exploding infrastructure complexity. At the root of the problem is uncontrolled server sprawl?servers provisioned to support a single application. Organizations that have implemented hardware virtualization have unwittingly created a new problem: operating system (OS) sprawl. IT organizations have to find ways to address this critical challenge?today.
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IT departments rarely have the luxury of spare capacity or sufficient knowledge of all the products and technologies that the rest of the organization expects. However, IT is an integral part of most companies, and supporting diverse or specialized technologies and understanding their impact on the business is necessary. Organizations not only need third parties?they need them to be focused and cost-effective. Learn more.
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All entry points into the data centre provide only encrypted access.
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This explosion of desktop, server and data centre performance is increasing the usefulness of BI by accelerating the delivery of analysis and reports.
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