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Given today strict regulatory standards, data loss prevention (DLP) has become one of the most critical issues facing executives.
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This reduced the risk of data loss and it greatly reduced the cost of compliance audits. Tokenization for Customer Service The loss of sensitive information from in-house and outsourced customer service organizations is a growing fact of life for many companies. Sometimes data loss is accidental, and sometimes data loss is due to criminal activity by insiders.
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Learn how IT asset tracking tools helped Allina Hospitals and Clinics monitor 2,700 computers on and off their network without having to invest in additional infrastructure. This case study shows how their security system enabled this leading health care provider to go from a 30 percent tracking record to an almost perfect record for its growing inventory of laptops and electronic health records.
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External / Portable / USB Drive Backup Backing up your critical data on an external drive provides only minimal protection against only one type of data loss...hard drive failure and nothing else. External drives are easily damaged, lost or stolen. Portable drive backups are rarely taken offsite, are insecure, time-consuming and limited.
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Lengthy restore times and unmet service goals Businesses can no longer afford to be without access to information and they have a low tolerance for any data loss. Consequently, companies need more reliable backup and faster recovery.
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Employee productivity suffers, risks of disruption and data loss increase, and IT administrative overhead outstrips budget and staff resources.
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Data loss can be damaging to a business?hurting short-term stock prices, impacting customer relationships, and reducing revenues. As more companies conduct business via network communication, the need to protect their customer data and intellectual property becomes greater. With a data protection solution, organizations can secure their data in motion?without introducing unmanageable cost and complexity into the network.
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How high is your risk of data loss? What can you do to mitigate the risk of security breach? And which is riskier for your company, a hosted or an installed CMS? Learn more about these and other risks.
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Stolen laptops, hacking, exposed e-mail, insider theft, and other causes of data loss can plague your company.
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Costly errors, data loss, and the lack of vital features convinced the firm to find a new solution that would store data and make it available whenever needed.
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Surprisingly, although organizations see rapid growth in such device usage, few have a solution to prevent widespread data loss.
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And because of the potential for data loss, the time during which a drive is being rebuilt onto a hot spare is critical.
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Data migration has proved to be one of the greatest threats to continuous applications and data availability. Migrating to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 can create challenges on top of the usual time-consuming efforts. Find out about the common difficulties reported by companies that have set up Exchange Server 2007, and migration tools that help ensure your data remains protected during the journey to your new platform.
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However, both mirroring and replication can be ineffective solutions for individual data loss or corruption. Any loss would be replicated to the backup system, leaving you with two bad copies of your data. These solutions are best suited to system-level recovery. Continuous data protection , or CDP, takes the benefits of replication and adds point-in-time recovery options. Each change is recorded and applied to the backup repository.
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PST files are prone to data loss or corruption. When their maximum two-gigabyte size is pushed to the limit, PST files are vulnerable to data corruption. Unfortunately, they also have limited recovery capability, so corruption can cause permanent data loss.
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