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Organizations must thus focus on harmonizing the global model and data structures, and assist local entities in designing for local requirements—thereby providing one data source for reporting.
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When it comes to product lifecycle management (PLM), unreachable information is as expensive as excess inventory lying in a warehouse. That?s why ITT Industries, a multibillion-dollar manufacturing enterprise, needed desperately to reach its goal of a single source of data for everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately, the transition would require overcoming serious resistance and cultural issues. Find out how they did it.
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Without a holistic approach to performance management, companies may not be prepared to utilize data from SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse with other SAP or non-SAP data sources. Issues that commonly come up are: Navigating through the inherent limitations of multiple disparate and disjointed reporting, dash boarding, planning and other tools.
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Excel data source Suppose that youd like to explore various scenarios, based on recent sales trends, by considering price increases, price decreases, and promotions of different durations using your Microsoft Dynamics GP data as a starting point, but you want to do the analysis with a familiar tool.
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Add a data source that connects to the Navision database. Remember to set Security appropriately in the connection. Add a Data Source View (DSV) . The DSV needs to connect to the data source that you added in the previous example.
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A remote data backup solution can be compliant with almost any international, federal, or state data protection regulation?and can be compliant with the common caveats of most data security laws by providing functionality like data encryption and secure media control. And, as some regulations require files to be archived for several years, you can create a routine that archives files you select for backup and storage.
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This step can be particularly complex and time consuming, especially if there are mul- tiple data sources for the various data elements in the dashboard. Even more so, if those data sources include customized enterprise applications for ERP, CRM, or SCM— applications that generally have complex database schemas.
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Workforce optimization solutions do not stand alone; they depend on data sourced from different areas. These sources typically comprise automatic call distribution and computer-telephone integration systems to provide per-channel data about call lengths and wait times. Sources also include HR systems to supply employee information.
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Emergence of Multiple, Disparate Data Sources Today, multiple data sources are a fact of life for virtually every organization, large or small. Each business support application includes its own data store. The challenge is compounded when acquisitions are made.
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Each is integrated into the Inovis Business Community Management platform, utilized by over 20,000 companies, and can also work with any third-party value-added network (VAN) or data source.
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Other noteworthy improvements to SAP BusinessObjects Voyager include: Microsoft Analysis Services 2008 as a supported data source Drill-through to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence or Crystal Reports, enabling
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SQL Server deployments can be large and complex. However, Auto-Snapshot Manager simplifies data management tasks and offers a comprehensive approach to SQL Server protection by providing both local and remote database protection, allowing for quick data recovery in case of data loss or site failure. Find out more about how Auto-Snapshot Manager can provide you with the safety net you need for effective disaster recovery.
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Once established, now bringing disparate data sources together is easy and sets the foundations for business performance management (BPM) .
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Content types and list columns also use the very same application definition within the Business Data data type, which will provide lookup data type functionality populated by a Business Data Catalog data source.
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Analysts can also easily pull in additional ad-hoc data sources when needed through Birst ETL services which leverage patent-pending automation to facilitate and speed the process.
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