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By doing so, well improve the reliability of the delivery dates, and certainly the cohesion of the team, the quality of the work and therefore the profits.
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--> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Responding immediately to product availability requests with accurate delivery dates, and following through on commitments, is critical to serving the customer base.
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However, inaccurate bills of materials (BOMs) were causing bottlenecks, missed delivery dates, and substandard productivity.
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The company manufacturing environment is so complex that its legacy IT systems couldnt handle the load, threatening Fusion ability to meet its promised delivery dates. It was clear something had to change. That why the company implemented FastTrack, a mySAP™ All-in-One solution for complex manufacturing from SAP partner N2 Consulting LLC.
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Because of the number of parts inherent in vehicles, and the strict production scheduling necessary for assembly, automotive customers require very narrow windows of delivery dates. "When the customer truck arrives on your dock on the expected due date, your parts products had better be waiting there for loading.
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Industrial equipment manufacturers and MRO distributors cannot afford to miss bidding deadlines, delivery dates, product specifications, or service level agreements.
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Off-invoice Allowances Percentage discounts offered to specific customers at different time periods during the year, based upon the customers requested delivery dates at the time orders are placed.
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, order quantities, delivery dates, product scheduling).
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Knowing your inventory positions, delivery dates, and fill rates is not enough.
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Contract/Order Capture booking and completing legal documents for the mutually agreed upon product configuration, pricing, delivery dates, and terms.
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In addition to supply chain visibility offered by other systems, RapidResponse allows all stakeholders to interactively model the value chain to determine the optimal delivery dates and quantities necessary to fulfill customer demand before making commitments.
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SYSPRO APS enables a plant manager to efficiently schedule production to maximize the use of workers and machinery to meet promised order delivery dates.
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Add the fact that resource constraints force companies to be reactive instead of proactive, and a resultant 60 percent of all projects fail to meet budget, deliverables, or delivery dates.
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With the MMS, tracking visibility for order contents, purchase rationale, delivery dates and purchase history was lost when using p-cards as opposed to buying with traditional purchase orders (POs).
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Thus firms that attempt to extract more premium pricing can attach features like guaranteed delivery dates, fixed pricing, higher-quality methodologies, use of the latest tools, etc.
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