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Client processes and risk control contextualization can be greatly improved through investigation process design, process execution, and file management issues. Learn how BPS Server uses process templating concepts, separates fact management activities, and uses COSO centric mechanisms to accomplish this. This the second part to Risk, Risk Mitigation, and Functional Requirements in Dynamic Compliance Environments. This is part two of a two part white paper. Part One Risk Mitigation and Functional Requirements in Dynamic Compliance Environments.
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These ECAD-MCAD collaboration solutions support the engineering design process for products that combine both electrical and mechanical content. They help engineers design products in the context of both disciplines, allowing them to make more thorough and informed product design decisions. These ECAD-MCAD collaboration solutions also support active collaboration throughout the design process, allowing more design innovation and facilitating engineering change processes.
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Further, the SMB with its limited cash flow is paying for functionality that will likely never apply to its product design process.
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Invacare sells made-to-order (MTO) home medical equipment in 20 European countries. To shorten the product launch cycle, optimize the order process, and streamline spare part sales, Invacare chose the Cameleon Commerce Suite. Learn how integrating this e-commerce solution?with product configuration functions?with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helped Invacare reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
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Most chief executive officers (CEOs) have developed strategies that push their companies to achieve certain goals. So why are so many companies failing to achieve these goals? Because their twenty-first century vision is being held back by twentieth century processes and IT systems. The missing ingredient: information. And the key to facilitating the flow of information lies in integrated processes.
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" Kathleen Mitford, PTC WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF OPTIMIZING THE CREATIVE DESIGN PROCESS? An effectively deployed and adopted creative design process improves your company ability to properly manage the product development pipeline and support the business strategic initiatives.
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Many OEMs are out of the supplier business and the focus on supplier responsibility for design has accelerated the design process. There is no question that system and parts suppliers need PLM-enabled collaborative solutions to manage the design process and to communicate with their OEM customers.
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are shared expeditiously with affected stakeholders throughout the design process, so costly changes at the downstream production stage are avoided. Changes are inevitable in product development and can occur at any stage of the lifecycle.
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New product development and introduction (NPDI) is probably the most important process for many companies, but also one of the least understood. While NPDI is responsible for revenues, few companies assign an owner for the whole process. Instead, it is usually driven through a series of functional ?silos,? causing delay?and the loss of the original market requirements.
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As a supplier to Wal-Mart, appliance manufacturer Haier America was required to implement a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system. To satisfy this requirement and to keep costs to a minimum, Haier needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with its current enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. That?s why it turned to a custom-designed modification package. But was it enough for Wal-Mart?
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Automating product design processes can enhance overall product development by shortening cycle times for
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For many companies, a challenging business event or critical business pain precipitates a conversation about business intelligence (BI). But don?t wait until you introduce new products, upgrade your IT environment, or notice that your inventory is increasing but not your sales. Find out how to build a return on investment (ROI) for your BI applications and projects, so you can leverage your own data before it?s too late.
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Retailers have recognized that the balance of buying power has shifted to the consumer, so gathering feedback early in the design process is more critical then ever for retailers and brands looking to save money and reduce design time.
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Life cycle development can be a complicated and intimidating process for many organizations. Are you struggling to adapt the development process successfully to your own projects? Do you want to use various formal life cycle processes such as Agile, Incremental, Spiral, and Waterfall, or various informal processes, such as extreme programming (XP) and others? Are you burdened by the development process? This paper will explain how you can simply and easily adopt any life cycle process.
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Throughout the design process, additional input from suppliers, manufacturing, procurement, regulatory, and other departments is incorporated until the product is fully defined, validated and ready for launch. Capturing the Design - Product Documentation Aberdeen research discovered that design documentation starts very early in the design process, at conceptual levels, before distinct parts or assemblies can be identified.
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