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name = TEC_WP; Driving Profitability and Managing Costs: Telecommunications Performance Excellence and Profitability by SAP --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Telecommunications providers need detailed information regarding expenses and profit margins across many dimensions.
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Because these managers spend the bulk of their time visiting retail operations to successfully brand the Nintendo product, the company was searching for a way to communicate detailed information to them, as well as to the rest of the company workforce.
Related to Detailed Information: Compensation, Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resources, Payroll, Ultimate Software, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, Information, Retail Trade
For More Information More detailed information is available about BI standardization: On the benefits of standardization.
Related to Detailed Information: Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management and Analysis, Data Warehouse, SAP, Information, Management of Companies and Enterprises
Tools such as blogs, forums, whitepapers and resource centres allow organisations to demonstrate thought leadership, engage customers and prospects and provide detailed information, while analytical tools such as Google Analytics, coreDNA Statistics or Omniture allow organisations to ensure the information contained in these arenas is of relevance, by providing detailed information regarding visitors and how they find, interact with and eventually leave the site.
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The system provides them access to product information that enables the company to give customers and prospects quick, detailed information about Rich Products offerings.
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TEC expertise is in compiling detailed information about hundreds of vendors for virtually every kind of enterprise software solution.
Related to Detailed Information: Collaborative Work, Decision Making, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Practices and Business Issues, Software Selection, Technology Evaluation Centers
Assignment List projects do the same thing, but with broad, high level information about the overall progress of each assignment instead of detailed information at the daily level.
Related to Detailed Information: Project and Process Management, Sciforma Corporation, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
Network-critical physical infrastructure includes power, cooling, racks and physical structure, security and fire protection, cabling, management systems, and service. To manage these key pieces of your network?s physical structure, you need to be able to manage devices individually. Find out how an element management solution can help you assimilate and manage the large volume of data necessary for network availability.
Related to Detailed Information: Cooling System, Data Center Equipment, Fire Suppression, IT Infrastructure, Network Management, Power Solutions and Distribution, Wiring and Cabling, APC by Schneider Electric
To demonstrate, our comprehensive analytical module, Usage Statistics captures information about customers and prospects, providing detailed information regarding how they find, interact with and eventually a website, helping to determine whether or not goals and objectives are being reached.
Related to Detailed Information: Design and Multimedia, Strategy, bwired
This ensures that detailed information relating to a specific work order request is available for reference.
Related to Detailed Information: Asset Management, Business Process Automation, Document Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Office Application and Automation, Printing, STR Software
The ARRA guidelines released by the federal Office of Management and Budget demand highly detailed information from public and private sector recipients.
Related to Detailed Information: Accounting and Financial Management, Data Management and Analysis, End-User Query and Reporting, SAP
The dictionary entry holds detailed information associated with that class.
Related to Detailed Information: Excel Software
Most of systems do not contain the detailed information that engineers need to drive design including part specifications, design and test notes, and vendor supplied documentation.
Related to Detailed Information: Communications, Infrastructure, and Transportation Planning, Data Management and Analysis, Development, Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Forecasting, Manufacturing Management, Process Manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Software Selection, Omnify Software, Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade
The NIST database takes CVE to the next level with detailed information for each of its vulnerabilities.
Related to Detailed Information: Compliance Management/Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Network Security Monitoring, Regulatory and Compliance, Security, Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment, Qualys
Most vendors present relatively detailed information on their website regarding product functionality and overall business profile.
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