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There are many software solutions for the archiving and retrieval of messages, with a wide range of prices and capabilities; however, companies deploying email archiving software in-house discover that this process is loaded with hidden costs. Smaller companies with fewer IT resources are especially affected.
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"Organizations should consider using [email archiving] service providers to help them quickly implement interim or permanent solutions without heavy upfront investments in technology or internal expertise . Consider using a service provider for not just archiving, but also for email continuity , virus protection and spam filtering." Gartner, Inc.
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Increased Productivity With efficient email archiving, your legal
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and a proven-effective managed email archiving service- then the court is more likely to look favorably upon your organization should you one day find yourself embroiled in a workplace lawsuit. MessageLabs Managed Email Archiving Service for Microsoft Exchange Service provides you with a proven email archiving solution that meets your needs for mailbox management, e- discovery, email compliance, and supervision.
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E-mail inquiries for the customer service sector are expected to explode from 2.9 billion messages in 2005, to 7.2 billion by 2010. This means that a company?s online relationship with customers will be increasingly critical to customer satisfaction and retention. That?s why managers need new tools to manage their corporate e-mail assets and better service the e-mail customer.
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