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Time was, information technology (IT) systems lasted much longer. Organizational restructuring was uncommon, as business did not really require it. However, with ever-shrinking business cycles, IT must now be capable of quickly adapting to changing business needs. That?s why present-day IT systems must be built to change?and services-oriented architecture (SOA) may just hold the key.
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Adopting traditional enterprise architecture design approaches to RFID run the risk of failure on account of not recognizing the true nature of RFID Integration.
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Anyone even peripherally exposed to business media that touch on enterprise application technology has seen the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandied about in advertisements and articles. Given the central role of SOA in information technology, it is important to get beyond a buzzword level understanding. There are three key concepts surrounding SOA: granularity, Web services, and change management.
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The current generation of enterprise architecture, while reflecting the best thinking at the time they were designed, does not address key realities of business and does not address the support gap their absences generate.
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" The intricacies of enterprise architecture remain beyond the scope of this paper.
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For example, the enterprise architecture framework, once in place, can play a critical role in influencing and guiding project selection in the strategy phase of the IT service life cycle (discussed in the following section in the context of the SAP Product Definition application). Organizations, in other words, will want to make project decisions based on the best ways to leverage their enterprise architecture.
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Managed well, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers a tremendous opportunity to make positive changes and lay a foundation that will allow IT to become responsive and cost-effective. But SOA is also a potential minefield: hype is raising expectations beyond reality in an environment that is already stressed. In fact, managed poorly, SOA can be an expensive and spectacular failure.
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Today?s data transmission departments are battling for budget and relevance. Moving files and ensuring delivery is getting tougher every day. To successfully deliver data to an increasing number of target platforms and meet rising customer expectations, leading companies are adopting service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and upgrading their file transfer departments into data transmission services. Find out more.
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The current web-based presentation and client tier is the weakest piece in the SOA-based enterprise architecture stack and fails to rise up to this challenge. RIA is well poised to bridge this gap in an enterprise architecture stack - as the front end or "face" of SOA.
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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are facing new challenges and opportunities. By linking people, processes, and workflows from inside and outside your company, business management software can help you drive success. Learn about key drivers in the ?extended enterprise vision? strategy and how to integrate newer concepts, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 capabilities, with existing applications.
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IT managers realize that service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects are no longer an ?if??they?re a ?when.? SOA can help achieve your number-one goal: aligning IT with business. If you?re in the consideration and planning stage, you?ll need some practical strategies for a business-driven SOA deployment. Find out how packaged solutions can accelerate SOA deployments, ease the burden of SOA management, and more.
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" Source : Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Resources Related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Wikipedia) How Does Your ERP System Architecture Address Change? ERP System Architecture is also known as: erp system architecture , erp system , erp technology system architecture , architecture of erp , system architect for erp , architecture for erp systems , erp software system architecture , architecture for distributed erp
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Realizing that they need to serve external audiences, an increasing number of companies are interested in using learning to drive revenue and help customers and partners understand their learning options and find what they want. Discover technologies that can help you deliver training, certification programs, and knowledge assets to your company?s networks of partners, suppliers, resellers, distributors, and customers.
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An EPM solution that complements the enterprise architecture, demonstrates the ability to meet current and evolving business requirements will provide a foundation for success.
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Often companies focus on the upfront hardware and software costs but neglect to consider the substantial costs of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) work, database configuration, enterprise architecture management, and user training when the business grows or changes requirements.
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