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Because today?s IT budgets are under increasing scrutiny and business requirements have become more complex, buyers of business intelligence (BI) solutions must evaluate total cost of ownership (TCO). The BI architecture can be an asset to IT departments, meeting a range of user needs while minimizing the amount of IT maintenance and administration. Learn more about how to do TCO analysis of a BI system?before you buy.
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If you are thinking of investing in a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) business phone system, you can avoid most of the pitfalls by choosing both your system and your provider wisely. This guide provides reviews on the leading five phone system brands in each category. You?ll be able to see the differences between on-premise and hosted solutions, and get some help choosing the best phone system for your company.
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This case study covers why a sporting goods and apparel manufacturer's selection team chose to purchase and implement the Made2Manage? Enterprise Business System from Made2Manage Systems.
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Most enterprise business processes span both old and new applications, and cannot be effectively tested without changing tools.
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Jasper Seating, an Indiana (US)-based manufacturer of wood furniture products, faced intense pressure from Asian imports, rising raw material prices, and a shortage of skilled labor. But the company achieved significant business improvements after implementing the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System in 2003. These results included expansion into new markets, and a 25 percent increase in revenue over a two-year period.
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However, an enterprise business processes, including its analysis and management tools, often fail to keep up with those changes.
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No enterprise is an island. Your company is a link in the business-to-business (B2B) supply chain. Thus, a seamless and efficient supply chain is a critical factor in your success?but you need to design a supply chain that focuses on demand, supply, and service to provide competitive differentiation in the marketplace. Learn how to strive for the perfect order and improve order accuracy with a business process solution.
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Implementing enterprise software solutions raises numerous obstacles, which can all be attributed to a single cause: users are unable to properly use the software. This is because users grapple with barrages of training methodologies and approaches for each new application. The solution may be a 'universal adapter,' a synchronized learning content development platform for a wide range of enterprise applications.
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Is your enterprise software really making you more competitive? After all, for years you?ve had to make expensive trade-offs between application dependability and manageability?and the sheer computing power required to deliver effortless scalability simply didn?t exist. However, a new type of software environment is successfully and cost-effectively meeting the requirements of today?s most demanding applications.
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Today?s data transmission departments are battling for budget and relevance. Moving files and ensuring delivery is getting tougher every day. To successfully deliver data to an increasing number of target platforms and meet rising customer expectations, leading companies are adopting service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and upgrading their file transfer departments into data transmission services. Find out more.
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Consider the case of two hypothetical companies?Company A and Company Z?each using an identical enterprise software package delivering identical core functionality. Company A has the same number of users, but the total cost of ownership (TCO) experienced by Company Z is about twice the TCO enjoyed by Company A. Why? We explain.
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Based in Cleveland, Ohio (US), Fuserashi International Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision nuts, bushings, inner metals, piston blanks, and specialty cold-formed steel products. The company achieved significant return on investment within the first two years of using the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System. In fact, as revenue climbed, F.I.T. made a name for itself as a quality benchmark leader.
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Business intelligence (BI) is not only an imperative for big companies. Growing and midsized organizations also require visibility into all aspects of the business for their day-to-day decision-making, with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information. We outline the issues, business ramifications, and solutions for the BI requirements of growing companies.
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Today, central issues of human-centric BPM are the defining topics of the market arena, and BPM Suites are expected to add value through description, execution, and continuous improvement of an enterprise business processes.
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