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A White Paper exploring concerns and issues surrounding migration of your development environment from IBM Rational Application Developer® (RAD) to MyEclipse Blue EditionTM from GenuitecTM.
Related to Environment: Application Development, Database Management System (DBMS), Database Migration and Conversion, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Integrated Development Environment (IDE), IT Infrastructure, Migration and Version Maintenance Services, Software Migration, Genuitec, LLC
The data environment isolates the state machine such that the only way to effect a change in the running status of the state machine is through modifications to the data environment.
Related to Environment: Macronetics
Learn more about storage tiers, as well as considerations and techniques related to storage in a virtualized environment.
Related to Environment: Backup (Software and Processes), Network Management, PHD Virtual
But how can you effectively transition from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft environment while managing the change
Related to Environment: Migration and Version Maintenance Services, Software Migration, Optimus BT
Learn about the traffic flow in virtual environments, and the various visibility options and their ramifications.
Related to Environment: Electronic Distribution and Storage, Emulation and Virtualization, Hosting Services, IT Infrastructure, Network Management, Network Security Monitoring, Performance Measurement, Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Instruments
Those that are using MPS are clearly more satisfied with the performance of their print environment than those who have yet to make the move. While MPS focuses primarily on the office environment, few organisations are using the same MPS provider to manage their print room, potentially missing on cost-saving opportunities in managing both environments through a single provider.
Related to Environment: E-commerce, Facilities Management, IT Monitoring and Management, Knowledge Management and Collaboration, Mobile Computing, Office Application and Automation, Office Productivity Suite, Printing, Record Management, Scanning, Quocirca Ltd
Learn about the realities of a paperless office environment, and how your company can take steps to become paperless.
Related to Environment: Content Management, Digital Imaging, Document Management, Office Application and Automation, Scanning, Cabinet NG (CNG), Finance and Insurance
You need to seek out solutions that fit your CPG environment, can keep up with continual innovation, and more.
Related to Environment: IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Infrastructure, Manufacturing Management, Needs Analysis, Process Manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Technology Tools and Methods, Infor
or not wireless is deployed in the cardholder data environment. Organizations that handle payment card data must take steps to secure the CDE against wireless threats including unmanaged and unknown wireless devices in the environment and must scan all locations.
Related to Environment: Network Management, Network Monitoring, Network Security Monitoring, Security, AirTight Networks
Find out how a learning environment can help your company streamline and systematize your organizational education effort, and promote a spirit of continuous lifelong learning.
Related to Environment: Merit Training Corporation
Learn how ERP and PLM, when combined, provide a wholly collaborative environment that has a major impact on successful product development performance and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage.
Related to Environment: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Omnify Software
This white paper focuses on job scheduling challenges and presents a solution to upgrade your environment.
Related to Environment: IT Infrastructure, Stonebranch, Inc.
and the rise of outsourcing as a cost reduction opportunity, all create an environment that is full of opportunity and fraught with hazards. The ability to effectively manage global commerce will be a key strategic competitive differentiator. Global commerce management (GCM) is what is required by companies to win in this tougher, more competitive environment.
Related to Environment: Business Process Outsourcing, Global Logistics Solution (GLS), Outsourcing, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Blinco Systems Inc., Management of Companies and Enterprises, Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
The leader in its market, Enhanced Systems & Services serves hundreds of customers across the globe in industries such as factory automation, aerospace and defense, transportation, energy and environmental products.
Related to Environment: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Resource Management (Scheduling and Planning), Enhanced Systems & Services, Manufacturing
Disconnected or manually integrated systems, unapproved data, and wild e-mail exchange leads to an environment that is ripe for errors, fraud, and control weakness. Employing a system that works in conjunction with legacy systems, and provides policy and rule-based time and expense entry with audit support capabilities can ameliorate the pain and create a compliance-enabled environment.
Related to Environment: Compliance Management/Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Professional Services Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Tenrox
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