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Unmanaged employee use of e-mail and the Web can subject your organization to costly risks including litigation, regulatory investigations, and public embarrassment. Responsible organizations should deploy clearly written acceptable usage policies (AUPs) for e-mail and Web usage, supported by employee training and enforced by technology solutions. Find out how to develop and enforce e-mail and Web AUPs in your workplace.
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Considering that e-mail and other electronically stored information (ESI) create the electronic equivalent of DNA evidence, there is no doubt that their evidentiary role will continue to expand. Learn how implementing a strategic e-discovery compliance program can help US and Canadian employers preserve, protect, and produce legally compliant e-mail and other ESI when compelled to do so by a court or regulatory body.
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A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, privacy violations, and other electronic disasters. Find out what it takes to make a compliance program succeed, and learn the importance of establishing clearly written rules, formal employee education, and effective hosted-services solutions right from the start.
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The Internet creates new opportunities for mischief?and new challenges for managers. How do you balance individual access with the overall good of the business? What?s the right balance between monitoring and blocking? Learn about a Web security solution that can allow you to monitor and enforce your Internet usage policies, bringing site monitoring and filtering together with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.
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