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Manufacturing today is fraught with uncertainties in the supply chain due to a variety of global issues, including weather and exchange rates. You can counter supply problems with ?safety stock.? But this extra inventory goes against the rules of an efficient lean environment. How can you stay demand driven, without a supply snafu? Find out how an information management system can help forecast your supply chain needs.
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Manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors range from global giants offering legacy systems to smaller companies offering only point solutions. With so many solution providers to choose from, how can an organization make an intelligent decision on who to trust with this mission-critical system? Learn 10 critical questions to ask when choosing a manufacturing ERP solution for your company.
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Consumer electronics companies of any size must deliver superior customer service, optimize performance, and design agile supply networks. When using business software to deal with these challenges, growing electronics companies face the same issues as larger companies, but also have concerns about cost and implementation speed. Learn how a new class of scalable solutions can meet the needs of electronics manufacturers.
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In fast-paced, low-margin manufacturing environments, companies must embrace technology in order to solidify or gain competitive advantages. It is equally important to avoid adopting technology for technology?s sake. Find out how leading companies are focusing on efficiency and cost reduction by integrating manufacturing execution systems (MES) or manufacturing intelligence (MI) with enterprise resource planning (ERP).
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Stiff competition, declining profit margins, and changing consumer requirements have made mass customization necessary. But time-strapped customers don?t tolerate long sales cycles or unnecessary complexity. A self-service product configurator is one way to give customers what they want, and in a short period of time. Discover the three signs your product configurator may not be meeting your?or your customers??needs.
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Specialty Products needed to address several warehouse and manufacturing management issues, including real-time inventory tracking. As it looked for a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, the company also wanted one-step order processing. Learn how the new ERP system, featuring a virtual shop front and electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities, meets the company?s business and warehouse operating needs.
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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) que en espa?ol significa arquitectura orientada al servicio. Dada la forma granular de su arquitectura, permite f?ciles modificaciones en los procesos empresariales, la integraci?n de tecnolog?as disimiles, la colaboraci?n con otros entes, etc. Este documento contienen detalles espec?ficos sobre c?mo funciona esta arquitectura y sus beneficios a nivel empresarial.
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Seg?n el director Jochen Babilon, ?para cumplir con los plazos y las necesidades de nuestros clientes, necesit?bamos un flujo continuo de datos en la f?brica.? El presente caso de estudio le sirve de ejemplo sobre como una empresa productora de moldes y matrices mejor? su rendimiento en la producci?n.
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Sage ERP X3 es una soluci?n Webtop. El concepto Webtop se refiere a la posibilidad de que el usuario pueda recibir directamente cualquier tipo de informaci?n a trav?s del portal Web de Sage X3, sin tener que conectarse y desconectarse a una aplicaci?n diferente cada vez que necesite dicha informaci?n. Este es un documento informativo sobre el producto de Sage llamado ERP X3.
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To achieve operational excellence, process manufacturers must be able to control costs while meeting customer expectations. Best-in-class process companies provide visibility into manufacturing operations while using real-time interoperability between manufacturing systems and business systems. Discover how best-in-class process manufacturers accomplish this, as well as other characteristics that help them succeed.
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Oracle?s Accelerate is a program in which Certified and Certified Advantage partners build industry-specific solutions combining Oracle enterprise applications and rapid-implementation tools with the partners? own expertise or software. The program aims to reduce the time, complexity, and cost of deploying Oracle solutions, to make them suitable for mid-market companies and governmental organizations. Learn more.
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Los peque?os fabricantes intentan crecer por sus propios medios y evitan caer en la tentaci?n de atraer la inversi?n de las empresas de capital riesgo por temor a perder el control de su negocio. No obstante, para mantener su independencia y crecer org?nicamente, las Pymes deben instaurar un modelo de negocio que maximice el uso de los recursos y minimice los costes fijos. Ent?rese de los detalles en este documento.
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Automotive parts manufacturers are fighting for survival in a competitive global economy. Many rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to ensure they survive. However analysts report that the majority of ERP implementations rarely come in as scheduled, frequently cost more than projected, and often don?t deliver satisfactory results. Learn what automotive parts manufacturers should look for in an ERP system.
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Learn how AVCOM Technologies, a provider of comprehensive information technology (IT) products and suites to high-growth middle market companies, integrated its business processes with Microsoft .NET Framework and 'e by Epicor' suite.
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Learn how Oetiker Inc, the foremost manufacturer and distributor of quality clamps, rings, and couplings improved customer satisfaction, shipping accuracy, and on-time delivery.
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