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name = TEC_WP; Adapting to the New Retail Market by Quantum Retail --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description The current market is asking retailers some difficult questionsones their existing processes and tools cant answer.
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As a result, the organization Human Resources department identified the need to modify some existing processes including the method of reference checking job candidates.
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It is important to automate existing processes, but if we cannot use the system to drive strategic value, then an automated HR system does nothing more than shift costs from "paper" to "computers.
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While every business is different, this gap analysis check list can help you look at some of the key issues businesses face today, determine whether your existing processes and IT systems
Related to Existing Processes: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software Selection, Sage
"The implementation forced us to closely examine our existing processes and challenged us to make certain process changes, which ultimately will result in a strong ROI.
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Instead of simply implementing software to mimic existing processes, Plex Online gives cause for real process improvement, and in this way changes the nature of the game.
Related to Existing Processes: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software as a Service (SaaS), Plex Systems
With ESA, mySAP ERP enables organizations to increase efficiency and growth by doing the following: Extending existing processes across new business boundaries Consolidating business
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The most efficient way to mitigate risks is often to take advantage of existing processes.
Related to Existing Processes: Accounting and Financial Management, Business Process Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management, SAP
76% of the participants identified significant gaps in the existing processes including poor event assignment, misdirected events due to inaccurate data, reactivity, human error and denial of receipt.
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It almost always requires an organization to tweak existing processes to ensure APM efforts are supported.
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Predictive analytics can help companies optimize existing processes, better understand customer behavior, identify unexpected opportunities and anticipate problems before they happen.
Related to Existing Processes: Business Intelligence (BI), Database Management System (DBMS), IT Infrastructure, Hexaware Technology
Using a solution based on IBM WebSphere Business Modeler, the company IT and business teams were able to analyze their existing processes, identify bottlenecks and develop an improved, automated solution.
Related to Existing Processes: Business Performance Management (BPM), Return on Investment (ROI), IBM
The small errors, shown in most industry studies to add up to greater dollars over time, had not been identified by the existing processes and spreadsheets.
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To execute strategy, it is vital to allow changes to existing processes, as well as changes to the organizational structure – both driven by the economy, global competition, workforce skills and competencies, and other factors.
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But the prime focus should be optimizing existing processes and tailoring the system functionality to complement them.
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