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Key Benefits Leverage secure B2B messaging, connectivity and integration Handle data mapping and transformation within the same solution (database read-write, text, EDI, XML) Employ configurable process rules and intelligent document routing Increase visibility with exception dashboards, data tracking, auditing, archiving and reporting Protect your investment with distributed deployment and load balancing Extend mailboxing and web forms to smaller trading partners
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The need to transmit documents securely to business partners or within your own company is increasing rapidly. Critical, time-sensitive documents need to be secure and auditable, and delivery must be guaranteed. Learn how the Inovis BizManager business-to-business (B2B) gateway solution can help your company achieve a standardized, synchronized, and streamlined exchange of information, both internally and externally.
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Leading banks are turning to a platform-based approach for managed file transfer to simplify how data transmission processes and enable faster delivery of customer services. The Data Transmission Challenge Centralizing data transmissions and the management of customer connections is a critical first step in differentiating from customers. To enable this, the underlying file transfer platform must be efficient, secure, "future-proof", and audit-friendly.
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If a file transfer fails, the FTP process does not automatically restart at the point of failure. Checking that the file successfully arrived on the FTP server and reinitiating the transfer if it didnt is, therefore, primarily a manual process. Third-Party Solutions The next stage in the evolution of file transfer was third-party providers.
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The perfect storm of compliance, risk, governance and performance has caused the vendors in the managed file transfer space to segment and specialize. Still, there are enough commonalities to make "apples to apples" comparisons. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Companies should consider managed file transfer (MFT) suite vendors that meet their tactical and strategic needs.
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Corporations share data with a variety of remote offices, trading partners, customers, and regulatory agencies. Sensitive data is transferred to and from entities around the world billions of times a day. Security breaches are frequently in the news, with reports of compromised customer data. However, business-to-business (B2B) workflow breakdowns are more likely to occur?and are potentially just as harmful.
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How can files be delivered safely within an organization or far beyond its walls? Secure file transfer reporting and tracking tools help keep sensitive data in the right hands—and help organizations comply with government regulations.
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How critical, how vulnerable, is the file transfer in question? You"ve got choices to make. Automation. If the file transfer doesn"t occur on a regular basis, it might not make sense to spend time setting it up for automation.
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BizManager400 provides for secure managed file transfer of critical business documents like purchase orders, advance
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But choosing a solution for user-to-user secure file transfer can be challenging.
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All businesses require instant sharing of information. To replace traditional paper-based methods, you?ve probably already installed a system to manage sending and receiving large digital files. But there are other opportunities to increase business efficiency and reduce costs that also lessen the environmental impact of moving large files. Find out how deploying a digital logistics solution can help manage your data.
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Tandy Brands designs, manufactures, and markets fashion accessories for the whole family. With five years of success using the Inovis TrustedLink solution to trade via electronic data interchange (EDI) with 80 retailers, Tandy was mandated by Wal-Mart to use the Internet to do business. Find out how the company integrated its existing solution with another one from Inovis to satisfy Wal-Mart?s demands?and save money.
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Historically, enterprise level IT tools, at enterprise level prices, have been out of reach to most small businesses. In recent years, the landscape has changed and more frequently small businesses are gaining access to enterprise level features at small business prices. One of the most talked about large-scale features in storage is the capability to use and manage virtual storage to create separate, private disks for different departments or clients. Learn about solutions that offer a simple way for for small businesses to implement virtual storage.
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Deploying voice self-service (VSS) is undeniably attractive to enterprises because it improves the speed, consistency, and convenience of information sent to customers, and decreases costs. Knowledge bases play a key role in helping enterprises achieve greater return on investment because they link web- and speech-based self-services together. In particular the emergence of VoiceXML has truly shifted speech and IVR platform hosting options.
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BizManager supports evolving EDI requirements with: Secure file transfer of business data and documents internally and with your trading partners Several secure managed file transfer options and secure transports, including AS1 (SMTP),AS2 (HTTP), AS3 (FTP), ebXML and other networkbased
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