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Find out how it offers greater visibility and promotes continuous improvement along the indirect supply chain.
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Gain greater visibility across your enterprise, get closer to your customers, and reduce inefficiencies.
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Staffco, employing nearly 20 high-level sales engineers, sought a customer relationship management (CRM) system to free itself from the manual processes of its 2- to 3-year sales cycles, with lengthy design and test processes and associated reporting needs. Maximizer CRM?s functionalities, including automated reporting and a project management system, resulted in time and costs savings for Staffco. Learn how.
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Supply Networks Cross Traditional Boundaries To enable greater visibility across the extended
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Cloud business intelligence (BI) solutions?also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-demand solutions?can offer a timely and cost-effective resource for businesses of all sizes to maximize their business potential and minimize costs. Relative to traditional BI solutions, cloud BI solutions offer substantial business benefits. Find out what those benefits are, and how to make them work for you.
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These manufacturers attaining best practices are going after compliance by looking at the intersection of business process management and the need for having greater visibility into their supply chains, manufacturing processes, and distribution channels.
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We also wanted the ability to communicate and collaborate with factories in other countries more efficiently and provide them with greater visibility.
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It is about the interplay of strategy, tactics, processes, skills and the technology CRM can be done without technology but it cannot scale without technology" In essence, CRM is a practical philosophy that can transform a company by providing much greater visibility over all individual touch points and communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and prospects.
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With Everest e-commerce and POS features, Kenneth David Apparel now has greater visibility into the business, which helps to manage the business more effectively.
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With SAManage, companies can: Easily deploy comprehensive IT Asset Management at multiple locations across the enterprise Achieve greater visibility into asset inventory and usage Proactively detect and prevent
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Process owners across these activities will realize both direct and indirect benefits from reduced administrative costs and greater visibility.
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Industry research shows that one of the most important challenges facing supply chain professionals today is supply chain visibility. As companies scramble to adopt a way to gaining better visibility into their supply chain, they quickly realize that it?s not as simple as it seems. While achieving the right type of visibility is the first step, leveraging it to take quick and effective action is the key to its success.
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manufacturing, engineering) targets through better visibility into process status, bottlenecks, and key issues Optimize direct and indirect procurement Reduce overtime costs with greater visibility to upcoming labor demand Reallocate labor resources Lower inventory holdings Utilize manufacturing
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They need new ways to maximize profitability which requires greater visibility into and control over the drivers of their organization finances and operations.
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These steps allow greater visibility into contract compliance and purchasing patterns.
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