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Projection is often seen as the big compromise: you must have either a very powerful and bright projector or a very dark room to achieve high-quality, commercially acceptable images. However, many people don?t know that a revolutionary concept is now available?a screen technology that allows very high-quality projected images in brightly lit environments that removes the need for dark rooms or very expensive projectors.
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Benchmarking is a process where companies compare their performance over time against their competition. In doing so, they can identify where their strengths lie and where improvement may be needed. The point of benchmarking is to focus on areas that will yield the best return. For companies to succeed in their benchmarking efforts and gain a sustained competitive advantage, five key steps should be considered.
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As a contract manufacturer, Western Electronics makes assemblies for its customers. This translates into a huge volume of data being exchanged?and an exponentially greater number of engineering changes to manage. The company was challenged to take control over its processes?especially bill of materials (BOM) management?and lead its customers into following best practices. With its new change management solution, the company is confident it has an accurate history and the latest revisions.
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To succeed, wholesale distributors must respond quickly to customers? expectations of high-quality, differentiated services. Good supplier relationships are crucial, too. Operational excellence and information transparency are key to keeping these important relationships running smoothly. Find out about solutions that can help you improve transparency and coordination, and also streamline inventory management.
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To gain a market advantage, today?s software development managers must determine how to deliver feature-rich, high-quality applications quickly and iteratively. To manage the complexity inherent in software development projects, agile development methods rely on self-organizing teams and tight deadlines. Learn how agile development can help your team deliver working products and continuously adjust to business needs.
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Business Bank of California, a subsidiary of Business Bancorp (NasdaqNM: BZBC), has served California businesses since 1984. With assets of more than $620 million, Business Bank of California is ranked fifth of 25 locally based banks in the Inland of Southern California and offers retail banking, commercial, construction, and SBA lending. Business Bank of California operates in 15 locations in California. The branches are strongly focused on providing high-quality, personalized services to small businesses, professionals and consumers.
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Effective processes for conducting employee appraisals are the primary support for performance decisions. Synthesizing employee performance data with related baseline data to determine compensation and promotions, as well as providing for rich feedback-based insight, is a critical function at enterprises today. Using best practices in performance management, when coupled with high-quality performance data, enables enterprises to gain true business advantage.
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name = TEC_WP; A Made2manage Systems Customer Profile: the Story of Pemco Corporation by Consona/Made2Manage Systems --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Case Study Description PEMCO Corporation, a manufacturer of high quality mining products for multinational original equipment manufacturers
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Whatever their requirements, having a quality control system assures your customers that the products and services you offer are of high quality.
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Rising costs, stagnating circulation figures, and ever-increasing competition for advertisers?times have never been tougher for newspaper and magazine publishers. It takes reliable, up-to-the-minute information to deliver the products and high-quality service your customers demand. But all too often, business processes span multiple departments and information technology (IT) systems, slowing responsiveness and impeding access to crucial facts and figures.
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In the automotive industry, companies face an ongoing struggle for market share and constant pressure on margins. To differentiate themselves in this competitive environment, many companies focus on sales and service operations, which are key to providing a high-quality customer experience. With that in mind, companies must automate processes and leverage integrated information to increase efficiency throughout the value chain.
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Administrative overload is a key problem in managing a human resources (HR) team. Health care rate hikes and not qualifying for high-end benefit packages are two serious concerns. Furthermore, missing filing deadlines can lead to legal fines and penalties. Outsourcing HR can be an effective way of providing high-quality HR services while avoiding risk, saving time, and protecting the bottom line.
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Realize the benefits of storage area networks (SANs) by using public or private networks. The benefits of SANs include centralized data management, back up, and restoration of data, as well as remote archiving for disaster recovery and business continuity. Host bus adapters (HBAs), switches, and multiprotocol routers are the keys to the fibre channel network?and the high-quality of select remote sites.
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Chemical companies struggle with outdated manufacturing and financial systems, often not reaching their profitable goals. How can they give customers high-quality chemical products while improving the bottom line? Industry best practices can help you gain control over every aspect of your business by increasing your visibility into operations, helping production go more smoothly, and reducing costs and lead times.
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The drive to deliver high-quality produce?on time, against increasingly tight deadlines, and at reduced prices?is a challenge for even the most efficient suppliers. Having access to and sharing real-time information is essential to efficient delivery. Learn how an integrated supply chain solution with business intelligence (BI) capabilities offers greater efficiency, reduced of costs, and improved customer service.
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