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This whitepaper argues that because developers using the agile methodology are usually the first to test their own code, agile development results in higher quality software than what traditional software teams usually deliver.
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Once implemented, integration systems promise to deliver more accurate and higher quality data.
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As a result of this practice, consumers enjoy lower prices, higher quality, and more involvement in the overall supply process.
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Personalized and higher-quality network services, such as customized or performance-sensitive services, can help you stand out from the competition. But can you give customers any range of those services without undergoing a complete system transformation? Yes: by using mediation to deliver advanced service management. Find out how mediation can help you offer unique, wide-ranging services?without sacrificing quality.
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Discover how this large, globally distributed project for a large telecom vendor realized such benefits as better collaboration, higher quality product, and on-time delivery.
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Companies that embrace this concept experience fewer errors and frustration, faster planning and development cyclesand theyre able to deliver higher quality products.
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How does the country-outsourcer benefit from outsourcing and offshoring as a whole? Consumers: lower prices, higher quality, better experience Businesses (even those that
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The bottom line is that consumers, customers, government agencies and courts expect increasingly higher quality standards and levels of corporate responsibility.
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The use of collection plans and quality tasks reduces rework and scrap and produces a higher quality product.
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The result is the ability to deliver higher quality products in less time and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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By first laying a foundation of higher quality video, Pixel continues its work of developing value-added software suites targeted to focused market applications.
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Benefits include lower costs, higher quality, mutually agreed upon expectations and better forecasting that result in a win-win relationship.
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Material development becomes even more challenging as today consumers demand products featuring higher quality materials at a lower retail price.
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Human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization and human resources must be more strategic and provide more value, rather than be solely a cost center. A new talent acquisition model that integrates assessments in an automated screening process can help effectively and efficiently yield consistently higher-quality candidates with the demonstrated skills, behaviors, and work style that are required to succeed.
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They can then come to a review fully informed, with meaningful content and have a higher quality conversation than if they were using a manual system.
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