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While there are several solutions available, a hosted solution can offer a number of important benefits you should consider.
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Are you on top of data security compliance? Is your source code secure? Are you looking for a new approach that can help ensure these things are taken care of? With SourceAnyware Hosted solution?which provides 128-bit SSL encryption?your data is protected and your source code is secured from attacks. Find out how SourceAnywhere can help you lower total cost of ownership and improve your development team productivity.
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Sequa new Web-hosted solution allows accurate results, better reporting, and up-to-the-minute tax change support—with no need for IT maintenance.
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Customer relationship management (CRM) applications have evolved from risky eighteen-month IT projects into productivity tools that any size of business can deploy. Indeed, many mid-market companies have chosen to roll out a ?hosted? solution, whereby the solution is accessed over the Internet. However, going through the selection process has become more cumbersome recently, with more options available than ever before.
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For a hosted solution, the range is from $39 per user per month to $250 per user per month depending on the features you need.
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Conduct a cost-benefit analysis: Both on-premise and hosted solutions have their pros and cons.
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The bottom line: if you are upgrading from an old phone system, you will save money with a hosted solution no matter what. If there is any uncertainty in terms of call volume, growth, scalability and usage pattern, you are likely to be better of with a hosted solution.
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Engraving materials supplier Johnson Plastics needed a way to stay ahead of the competition. To leave a lasting impression on customers, Johnson knew that fulfilling its promise of next-day shipping was priority number one. But an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was preventing Johnson from realizing that goal. Learn about the solution the company chose to integrate its entire multiwarehouse operations.
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net, SQL based, hosted solution) alone.
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Even if your company can support on-site ERP, you may have good reason to consider an on-demand or hosted solution, as it can be a low-cost and quickly adaptable alternative to an on-premise ERP installation.
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A hosted solution, on the other hand, can scale very quickly with little more than a change of settings in a Web interface. Frees IT staff from the tasks associated with managing an in-house deployment. Lower and more predictable costs than is possible when using an on-premise solution.
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Mindshare is a hosted solution, so there is no software or hardware to buy.
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In your research you may be asking yourself, what a better deal? Many of the hosted CRM vendors will try to convince you that a hosted solution is a far better deal than owning the software yourself.
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With a Web-hosted solution, not only did DCRTNA see a 30 percent increase in productivity, but it finally regained control over management of employee time and attendance.
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on-premise CRMs and lists the basic features to look for in your hosted solution.
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