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Designed for the IBM System i and iSeries platforms, Inovis? BizManager400 provides secure managed file transfer of critical business documents like purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices. BizManager400can also serve as a single business-to-business (B2B) gateway for trading partner connectivity, community management, integrated mapping, and integration. Find out about the key capabilities of BizManager400.
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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines the standard for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and provides a rigorous testing process for software vendors. The AES certification process tests every aspect of encryption and involves millions of operations. Discover a solution that has achieved AES validation for all key sizes and modes of operation, on every major enterprise platform.
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In these challenging times, midsized businesses need to simplify IT infrastructure and reduce costs. Yet, with diverse storage, server, and network requirements?as well as limited physical space to store and manage systems?they have few options. Discover how virtualization can offer small and midsized businesses significant benefits?not simply in server consolidation, but also with affordable business continuity.
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Today?s leading-edge business applications go beyond mere Web enablement, where publishing information to the Web is the primary motive (referred to nowadays as Web 1.0 applications). State-of-the-art enterprise software must also incorporate a single, integrated interface that links applications instantly to business processes and collaborative technologies. However, developing Web 2.0 applications is anything but trivial.
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When Naghi Group?s annual revenue began to soar, it realized that running core business operations on multiple systems was no longer feasible; its current solution lacked the integration capabilities necessary to communicate with its distribution and manufacturing departments. After only a few months since integrating VAI?s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Naghi has already realized its many benefits.
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The modern enterprise deploys a variety of server platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. A major barrier to deploying encryption has been the challenge of accessing encryption keys from these widely divergent environments. This paper helps define the key management needs of your enterprise, while defining the elements necessary to reduce the technical challenges and cost of deployment.
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The ability to securely exchange information with trading partners is vital to your success. And while the type of information varies by industry, the goal is the same: standardized, synchronized, streamlined exchange of information across the trading community. Learn how Inovis BizManager provides direct, secure data exchange, and can reduce the time, cost, and effort of fulfilling electronic communication requirements.
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As one of North America?s premier producers of duck products, Maple Leaf Farms knew the importance of delivering fresh, quality goods to its customers. But in order to streamline its manufacturing, shipping, and reporting processes, it would need to invest in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Since implementing ERP, the company has profited from greater inventory control and improved customer service.
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For hearing aid manufacturers, it?s vital to be able to design a quality product and deliver it quickly. When Widex decided to enhance its e-commerce capabilities to improve customer service and expedite orders, it knew that integrating a robust e-business application into its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was the key to a successful launch. Find out why it took only five months to implement.
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Why would a company choose to migrate its development tools? And if the migration is decided upon, how can this be done easily and effectively? Get answers to these questions, and explore the concerns and issues surrounding migration of your development environment, using IBM?s Rational Application Developer (RAD) as an example of a current tool and MyEclipse Blue Edition from Genuitec as an example of a new tool.
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Demand for business expansion, profitability, and an enhanced user experience is accelerating the move to cloud computing. Cloud answers the enterprise?s need to simplify and to use the best resources from the best devices, wherever they happen to reside on the network. For chief information officers (CIOs), it?s an opportunity to reduce operational complexity and deliver greater value to the organization. Find out more.
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Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI) provides enterprise resource planning software and associated services to clients in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail industries. To facilitate everyday business processes, VAI began to consider a business portal. As a software provider, VAI was intimately familiar with a number of portal products, and decided that IBM Workplace Services Express was best suited for the company.
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To build or not to build?that is the question. Is building an enterprise application from scratch better than modifying existing application code? With a .NET framework, the answer is an emphatic yes. Building applications from scratch using only .NET code not only provides cost savings, it also allows software developers to extend applications to users via the Internet?without sacrificing functionality or security.
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