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Rich?s legacy IT systems could not interoperate with platforms and applications among departments, preventing a single, centralized view of the product development process and limiting collaboration. The company decided it needed a new product lifecycle management (PLM) system to integrate and accelerate PLM processes. Rich?s new system supports research and development (R&D), formula management, and more.
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To reduce time to market and realize the full value of its intellectual property, Cadbury plc needed to ensure compliance with government regulations. The company launched a long-term data management strategy, which included storing all data in a central repository?a product lifecycle management (PLM) system. Find out how Cadbury not only ensured compliance but also improved its response to consumer and customer queries.
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Heinz Frozen Food Company was set on improving its manufacturing and maintenance process efficiency, and knew that implementing a new enterprise asset management (EAM) system would involve monumental change for employees. Heinz choose a Web-based system to help it gain better visibility into processes and work towards more progressive lean manufacturing and lean maintenance practices for greater efficiency. Learn more.
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PepsiCo Italia needed an information management system to manage and track assets it loans at no cost to clients, such as coolers and fountains. It also sought to increase operational efficiency and trace every event involving every piece of equipment during the entire asset life cycle. Learn about the integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) system PepsiCo chose to supports all equipment asset management processes.
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As a result of publicized food contamination and product recalls, food safety regulations are under increasing scrutiny. Process manufacturers in the food and beverage industry may soon be facing stricter rules. But food manufacturers can prevent contamination by using existing technology to automate and ensure the effectiveness of the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) food safety program. Learn more.
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Complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other labor laws and regulations is a major challenge for employers. At the same time, non-compliance with these government regulations is becoming increasingly costly. Learn about solutions that are helping the world?s largest companies to effectively plan, deploy, and manage their workforces to achieve compliance objectives.
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Improving workforce performance can drive corporate performance. Even seemingly small changes in workforce productivity can have a huge impact on the bottom lines of large organizations. Learn how deploying workforce management (WFM) technology can transform your company?s operations, and provide data that improves core human resources (HR) applications like workforce planning, recruiting, and performance management.
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Wholesale distributors that pursue growth while neglecting supply chain effectiveness are putting their long-term survival at risk?usually for no good reason. Supply chains have gained complexity in recent years, but solutions for achieving supply chain management (SCM) effectiveness have become both more accessible and easier to deploy. Learn how these solutions can help your company overcome its SCM challenges.
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The globalization of discrete manufacturing is forever changing the notion of what a 'small manufacturer' is. Even companies that are considered relatively small in revenue, employment, or client base, must now operate like the largest corporations when structuring and conducting their businesses. Infor examines how today's mid-market manufacturers are transforming themselves?focusing on business processes and employing ERP systems for their own operations.
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Inventory has been?and continues to be?the lifeblood of the distribution marketplace. While many companies are slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, a growing number of distributors are leveraging inventory practices to improve key metrics like customer retention, gross margins, and inventory turns. Read these research survey findings to find out how you can make better inventory management technology decisions.
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Finance executives must meet a growing number of challenges if their companies are to continue being profitable. So how can they deliver strong performance in every aspect of their businesses? The answer: by deploying a corporate financial management system that expands the capabilities of their core activities?a system that extends its reach to automate other processes within the enterprise.
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Progressive companies are discovering that they can optimize processes and assets to make the best use of resources, reduce negative impact on the environment, and strengthen business results?all at the same time. Improving enterprise asset management (EAM) processes provides opportunities for you to create less waste, reduce resource use, and decrease emissions. Find out how you can take advantage of EAM?s benefits.
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In today?s manufacturing environment, suppliers and manufacturers alike need to be highly selective when choosing an enterprise resource planning vendor to support their product-specific Lean value-streams. Technology is a key element in the success of Lean manufacturing, and should be selected with an eye to the entire value-stream. Infor examines all elements of a Lean value-stream in this must-read white paper.
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It?s common knowledge that asset downtime disrupts production and drives up both process and per-unit operating costs. However, executives often lose sight of this because they focus on output, not on the assets used to create it. The irony is that companies can use asset performance management not only to make more widgets, but to make each widget more profitably.
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The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is evolving, but due to pressures to meet financial reporting requirements, there?s still a strong pull toward ?chief bean counter? responsibilities. But CFOs can find opportunities to become true business leaders. With help from technology, five key strategies can enable the CFO to have a significant impact on the direction and success of the business. Learn more.
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