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Secure information sharing (SIS) solutions integrate additional intelligence into the process—and protect your data without added overhead.
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To do their jobs, knowledge workers use the gamut of media and technologies. However, although the proliferation of new means to locate and access data has multiplied the amount of information available to these workers, it?s also made the efficient dissemination, management, and processing of data more burdensome. Find out more about how collaborative tools are?and aren?t?being used in the information-sharing workplace.
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Although layer-two networks are a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional wide area network (WAN) services, they have some major security deficiencies. One of the key drawbacks of layer two is its inability to handle identity authentication?which creates serious theft and vulnerability problems. With a layer-two data protection solution, however, you can mitigate these types of security issues.
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PDSs control access to intellectual property, mitigating information sharing risks.
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ProCurve Networking delivers wired and wireless enterprise networking solutions. With nearly four times the market growth rate, ProCurve needed a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to increase its sales force efficiency, facilitate information-sharing, and enable customization. Read how the company implemented Microsoft CRM and built a custom demand-forecasting module that improved customer service.
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Effective information sharing in both extra-enterprise (external partners and customers) and intra-enterprise (employees) environments can bring a strong competitive advantage to your organization.
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Given the dramatic events in the capital markets, everyone is wondering what will happen next?and what the implications are for the wider economy. Learn about the crisis both in the capital markets and the wider economy; explore likely future economic scenarios and the challenges facing companies outside the financial sector?and discover the actions your company should take in order to respond to these challenges.
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Analytical orientation is an indicator that consists of responses to several questions dealing with information sharing, importance of and reliance on analytics for decision making, and the influence BI has on an employee actions.
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At the crest of these twin trends, Salesforce for Google Apps reinvents the business workspace for the Web-connected enterprise, showing how on-demand applications can combine to create productive, adaptable information sharing and workflow.
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" The trend toward this sort of strategic information sharing has been growing for a number of years. To support this extension of BI, organizations should aim to build a data warehouse that accommodates a much larger audience than its internal employee base. "Weve seen extranet BI grow. Today, about 30 percent to 40 percent of our customers use information to deliver value to customers and partners," MacCormick says.
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Even companies that only have a few hundred employees need structure and processes that support information sharing and focused execution without them, complexity and waste will continue to be a frustrating reality.
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CASE IN POINT Schneider Electric Makes its World Smaller in One System One of the world largest manufacturers of equipment for electrical power distribution, industrial control and automation, Schneider Electric operated seven incompatible engineering systems that greatly impeded information sharing.
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"And Dick Clark of Procter Gamble adds, "SOP is the key process for information sharing within the business.
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Since 1996, Air International US (AIUS) has used an outsourced manufacturing strategy instead of maintaining its own facilities. For the first few years, communication between AIUS and its outsourced partners was manual, which formed a barrier preventing the company from maximizing its contract manufacturing strategy. To improve outsourcing processes, AIUS chose a change management solution with bill of materials (BOM) management and a software-as-a-service architecture. Learn more.
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These forums are designed for information sharing, and users rely on each other for solutions to individual challenges and ideas for how to solve business issues.
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