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In a world with few constants, sustaining growth and outpacing competition are key concerns for just about every company, regardless of industry, geography, or size. Globalization puts pressure on companies to find the best talent and use best practices. Discover the corporate attitudes to the risks and opportunities of global competition?and how you can overcome the challenges of outsourcing your business processes.
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Companies in the Americas should lead the world in growth through operational excellence?but they don?t. A 2008 survey shows that less than half promote insight into operations by investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Companies in the Americas also lag behind Asia-Pacific firms in revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Read more of the survey results.
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Initiatives to automate and streamline financial processes often focus more on reducing costs than adding value. Adding the kind of value you should have in your financial processes stands at the heart of a broader initiative known as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Learn why embedding the components of GRC within your financial processes can help you track financial flows and alert you when things might go awry.
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The paradoxical view that regulation is both a blessing and a curse continues to be widely held among senior executives. While they recognize the need for protection in key areas, they are often frustrated by what they see as overly complex, unnecessary bureaucracy to achieve this goal. Find out how your company can meet increasingly difficult regulatory compliance challenges as it develops integrated business networks.
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Embarking on an operational excellence strategy should not be undertaken lightly. As with most company-wide initiatives, success requires planning, commitment, measurement, and continuous follow-up. Find out what senior executives from around the world think about how to achieve operational excellence, and the questions you need to ask to develop a winning operations strategy and achieve sustained growth.
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Decision making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the desired balance of risk and reward. But enormous growth in a company?s size and operations adds complexity to decision-making processes. Learn about the five ingredients of good decision making, according to the responses of 154 executives in a global survey.
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It?s a simple idea: get a better understanding of your customers? wants and needs, deliver on their expectations, and your revenue will increase. But more than 40 percent of companies surveyed do not have a formal customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in place. And those that have one still struggle with CRM at nearly every stage. Learn more about areas where you can improve your own CRM system strategy.
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Survey data shows that companies want to improve their strategic business partnerships. Reflecting on lessons learned from past business relationships, 60 percent of respondents say that in future they?ll place more emphasis on developing personal relationships and setting expectations with business partners. Find out how these companies are creating collaborative networks that include business partners and consumers.
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Growth?whether organic or acquisitive?is challenging executives today from a strategic as well as an operational perspective. Studies estimate that 50 to 80 percent of deals fail to reach their projected results. Discover the challenges inherent in three common growth models, and find out how to implement a solid, flexible, and adaptive foundation that can support your company?s corporate growth strategies.
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Companies once responded to tighter labor markets with a greater emphasis on recruiting. Today, more firms are focusing on engagement, retention, and driving better performance from their existing workforce while still looking out for talent from the outside. And investing in employees? training and development can provide big rewards. Learn about the benefits of an integrated learning and performance management system.
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Executives at small and midsize companies make critical decisions every day, based on the information available to them. While that information comes from many sources?peers, personal intuition, internal or external business data?it rarely creates an accurate, actionable, 360-degree view of the enterprise. Learn how to get timely, accurate information, and use it to allocate your company?s resources for maximum effect.
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To promote fast growth, small businesses often sacrifice process control for creativity. But sooner or later, unstructured creativity compounded by fast growth leads to the inability to make fact-based business decisions. Learn about four steps to developing a business strategy that can help you run your business more effectively by applying better control over your cost structure, minimizing risk, and anticipating change.
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Better. Faster. Cheaper. Every company is grappling with these concepts today as economic uncertainty spreads. Though many are focusing on what to eliminate in their operations, leading firms are redoubling their efforts to find new ways to execute with greater efficiency?to achieve operational excellence without sacrificing the value their customers expect. Learn more about improving your strategic competitive advantage.
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