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Driving sustainable growth requires profitability-focused planning and performance management. Most companies have some type of profitability reporting?but many are investing a lot of effort to produce this information. And the limitations to the information companies currently compile may have a significant impact on decision making. Learn how automating profitability reporting can help your company improve decisions.
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Find out how a document management system (DMS) can generate a significant return on investment (ROI) for small to midsized businesses (SMBs). The changes in technology pricing over the last 10 years have finally made it possible for SMBs to enjoy the same efficiencies provided by IT systems that large enterprises have enjoyed for decades. These advances in technology can now be applied with ease at the SMB level.
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In December 2008, Advanced Systems Concepts commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that companies may realize by deploying ActiveBatch, an IT job scheduling and management solution. Learn about the financial impact in a midsized financial services company with global operations, in which ActiveBatch is used to manage its mission-critical job scheduling environment.
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Organizations are beginning to wake up to the fact that the data they collect and manage should be viewed as a corporate asset. Data is the one thing that separates you from your competitors?and the quality of your data can be your competitive advantage or disadvantage. Discover six key steps you can take and put into effect to help you realize a tangible return on investment (ROI) on your data quality initiative.
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Traditional approaches to employee onboarding are often more simplistic than they are successful. Transactional onboarding automates the onboarding process to transition new employees into their new roles, while acculturation onboarding, also known as socialization, quickens the new employee to effectiveness. Learn more about the two onboarding methods, and compare how they can bring you a return on investment (ROI).
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The small to midsize market for enterprise applications is already growing. Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking for practical solutions that offer full capabilities at a quick return on investment (ROI). Vendors responding to SMB requirements now offer solutions with rapid implementation, Microsoft Office integration, and mobile support. Find out more about what enterprise application vendors are offering?and what you should be looking for.
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Users implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the first time are often intimidated by the time and cost, and want to accelerate the go-live date. Acceleration, when done with the right implementation strategy and tools, can be of tremendous benefit, including reduced costs and increased return on investment (ROI). But for some, the question is: to accelerate or not to accelerate? Learn more.
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In today?s fast-paced marketplace, communications must support the buying process to improve top- and bottom-line performance. Sales and marketing should work together. But to make your marketing streamlined, automated campaigns need to be deployed. Discover 10 hands-on tactics you can start using today to begin improving your revenue and return on investment (ROI)?so you don?t have to struggle to achieve sales goals.
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The impact of technology projects on organizations is increasingly under scrutiny. The purpose of return on investment (ROI) analysis is to provide a financial metric with which to measure such projects and provide a like-for-like comparison between initiatives that may have very different justifications and business benefits. This IDC Whitepaper provides a ROI analysis of the QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution.
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As the economy turns sour, and IT budgets remain flat or get reduced, doing more with the infrastructure you have has never been more important. But investing in the same old networking infrastructure, storage, servers, and bandwidth is not going to help you reach your strategic goals. Get a return on investment (ROI) analysis for one brand of network appliances that can help you reach your IT objectives.
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The benefits from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been well documented. However, its return on investment (ROI) is rarely satisfactory. The failure of an ERP package can be disastrous, but by understanding how to deliver a positive ROI, and by following a business process and business technology optimization strategy, companies can reduce the total cost of ERP system ownership.
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Today more than ever, companies are looking for near-term return on investment (ROI)?and the sooner, the better. That?s why successful solution vendors must now use a much more analytical approach to selling. Customers want assurances that an investment will pay for itself over an acceptable time period?either by increasing the top line, decreasing operating expenses, or both.
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To be certain its materials management functions were up to par with industry best practices, a South African fertilizer plant obtained the services of an inventory optimization firm. In doing so, it was able to identify weak links in its inventory control processes, and achieved a savings of over $2 million (USD)?an impressive return on investment (ROI) considering it had invested less than 4 percent of that amount.
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Is it beneficial to use multiple types of virtualization software together? The answer: yes. Combining complementary virtualization technologies provides a stronger, more robust solution that reduces costs, maximizes return on investment (ROI), and minimizes the number of servers to manage. By consolidating these technologies, organizations can get the most out of the application, hardware, and operating system (OS).
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can provide many benefits for a company?but what should an average midsize company pay for an ERP system to reap the true value of these benefits? While total cost of ownership (TCO) is a major factor in software selection, both costs and benefits must be kept in mind during ERP implementation and beyond in order to properly assess the return on investment (ROI).
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