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Companies using earlier versions of the JD Edwards family of products may be considering upgrades to the EnterpriseOne versions. However, the decision to upgrade is often overshadowed by the considerable costs of doing so. Approaches to reducing these costs lie in rigorous approaches to several critical project activities, ranging from a thorough upgrade assessment to the transfer of knowledge.
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Software implementation can be complex. Even when it seems all your business processes and systems are ?go? after the implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, there might still be room for improvement. Find out how a post-implementation system assessment of technical and functional systems can improve data capture accuracy, increase user buy-in, and boost your return on investment (ROI).
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When times get tough, some decision makers reduce costs, and cut corners. In some situations, that doesn?t work. An economic downturn may actually be the perfect time to invest in a significant IT expansion?especially in areas where a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness. Just make sure you choose the right ERP vendor and consultant. Learn more.
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For all but the smallest companies, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system promises big gains, by helping to grow revenue, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and manage costs. Right now, ERP for the midmarket is a hot topic. More and more midsized companies are replacing outdated ERP software or are jumping into ERP technology for the first time. Find out about what midmarket ERP buyers need to know.
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For large organizations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems promise big gains by helping grow revenue and increase productivity. But can ERP benefit small to medium businesses (SMBs) in the same way? This step-by-step guide includes important decision-making considerations, such as benefits and costs, across some of the top finance and accounting solution providers for small to midsize companies.
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SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 solutions are the next major release of business intelligence (BI) software from SAP. They include features ranging from reporting, query and analysis, and dashboards and visualization, to discovery and predictive analytics capabilities, as well as data quality and extract, transform, and load (ETL) functionality. Get a high-level overview of the new features in SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1.
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Implementing enterprise software solutions raises numerous obstacles, which can all be attributed to a single cause: users are unable to properly use the software. This is because users grapple with barrages of training methodologies and approaches for each new application. The solution may be a 'universal adapter,' a synchronized learning content development platform for a wide range of enterprise applications.
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To stay ahead of the competition, medical device manufacturers must find ways to speed product development, create manufacturing efficiencies, and increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing investments?while addressing product safety and regulatory compliance. Read about a solution that incorporates best practices while maintaining the flexibility to support the evolving needs of your growing medical device company.
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When conducting a mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comparison, there are several key questions that you should ask: How much should ERP software cost? What IT resources will be needed to implement it? But don?t stop there. The seas of ERP are vast, and navigating through the current market is not simple. Equip yourself with these questions before evaluating and interviewing vendors.
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Efficient procurement and sourcing. Storing and moving inventories. Attracting and retaining customers. Such challenges have an impact on wholesale distributors? revenues, competitiveness, and profits. To make timely and informed decisions that can impact your business, you need answers to questions like ?How can I offer value-added services to improve customer loyalty?? Get the answers to this and other key questions.
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Consumer electronics companies of any size must deliver superior customer service, optimize performance, and design agile supply networks. When using business software to deal with these challenges, growing electronics companies face the same issues as larger companies, but also have concerns about cost and implementation speed. Learn how a new class of scalable solutions can meet the needs of electronics manufacturers.
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The effort needed to manage a non-durable consumer goods company is more strenuous than ever. Business issues such as expanding product portfolios, complex distribution channels, and compliance requirements can impede your ability to compete in the global supply chain. Does your current business application enhance your sales and marketing, and enable demand-driven supply chains? Learn what you need to compete?and win.
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To maintain a leadership position in the high-tech complex equipment industry, electronic equipment manufacturers need reliable solutions to improve order accuracy, optimize fulfillment, and increase revenue for value-added services. Does your solution quickly commercialize new technology, integrate software with systems, and differentiate those systems with value-added services? Find out about what you might be missing.
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Metro Canada Logistics, a third party provider of warehousing, transporatation, and related logistics services streamlines accounting processes with the help of Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains.
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Food and beverage manufacturers must aim to keep up with customer demands for a wide range of products, while managing the complex global supply chain and taking advantage of growth in new markets. For fast-growing or midsize companies, the challenges are even greater. Find out about a solution that can help optimize sales and marketing, and enable consumer-driven supply chains by speeding collaboration with suppliers.
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