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One of the key benefits of SOA is that it allows you to integrate business processes and systems without having to recode after upgrades or patches.
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This paper discusses the business model required for SaaS providers, and the key benefits for customers and providers.
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After reading this white paper, the reader should have a clear understanding of the modular design and underlying technology of the UltiPro Workforce Management solution and the key benefits to the information technology (IT) organization.
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Virtualization has brought distributed computing to a new level and provides many key benefits.
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From a service delivery perspective, SAP's key benefits lie in its focus on business value vs.
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BizManager400 also includes built-in transaction tracking, archival, reporting and data retention with these features: Persistent queuing with retry, redundancy and fallback Broadcast email alerts of potential business issues Automatic archival of closed-out transactions Actionable audit trails of all data exchange Expand your reach with an industry-certified, interoperable solution One of the key benefits of BizManager400 is its interoperability with non-Inovis solutions that have passed AS1/AS2/AS3
Related to Key Benefits: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Managed Data Network Services, Middleware, Security, Time, Billing, and Invoicing, Inovis
Midsize manufacturers and distributors now have access to an array of powerful software solutions that simply weren?t available before. But with so many choices, you need accurate and unbiased information. This comprehensive guide from TEC and SupplyChainBrain provides a state-of-the-market analysis, success stories from your peers, in-depth information on solutions, and a directory of the leading vendors in the field.
Related to Key Benefits: Decision Making, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Management, Practices and Business Issues, Shipping and Receiving, Technology Evaluation Centers, Manufacturing
Despite predictions that it would be subsumed by enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors encroaching from above and automation vendors encroaching from below, the manufacturing execution systems (MES) market has been growing steadily. This guide from TEC and Flexware Innovation provides state-of-the-market analysis, success stories from your peers, in-depth information on solutions, and a spotlight on leading vendors.
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" Benefits: Best-it Software Selected Using TEC Methodology Flakeboard realized key benefits by using an impartial third party throughout the software evaluation and selection process.
Related to Key Benefits: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Technology Evaluation Centers
For many retailers, the transition to global sourcing and demand-driven inventory models creates both opportunities and challenges. Supply chains are becoming longer, with a smaller buffer for mistakes or delays. To continually improve, you need to gain visibility across your partner community. Find out how a partner performance management solution can help buyers and sellers work together to improve business processes.
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Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for new products. To succeed, they must harness information technology to support change, secure data and process quality, and improve productivity. Discover how a warehouse management system (WMS) can help you achieve those goals, and learn what to look for in a WMS.
Related to Key Benefits: Software Selection, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), CDC Software
Crowley Maritime, offering a range of services such as shipping and barge towing, needs rapid customer billing and invoicing. The company?s electronic data interchange (EDI) volume increased by 500 percent over five years, and management wanted to sustain this growth without harming service delivery. Find out how an integration solution enabled Crowley to support new growth without adding new staff, while reducing costs.
Related to Key Benefits: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), IT Monitoring and Management, Time, Billing, and Invoicing, Sterling Commerce, an AT&T company
" This paper provides an overview of software asset management and its key benefits.
Related to Key Benefits: Asset Management, IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Infrastructure, IT Monitoring and Management, Software Asset Management, SAManage
The need to transmit documents securely to business partners or within your own company is increasing rapidly. Critical, time-sensitive documents need to be secure and auditable, and delivery must be guaranteed. Learn how the Inovis BizManager business-to-business (B2B) gateway solution can help your company achieve a standardized, synchronized, and streamlined exchange of information, both internally and externally.
Related to Key Benefits: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), File Management, Managed Messaging and Collaborative Services, Middleware, Security, Inovis
Cloud business intelligence (BI) solutions?also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-demand solutions?can offer a timely and cost-effective resource for businesses of all sizes to maximize their business potential and minimize costs. Relative to traditional BI solutions, cloud BI solutions offer substantial business benefits. Find out what those benefits are, and how to make them work for you.
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