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Discover six key steps you can take and put into effect to help you realize a tangible return on investment (ROI) on your data quality initiative.
Related to Key Steps: Data Management and Analysis, Data Quality, Database Management System (DBMS), Return on Investment (ROI), SAP
Find out about the key steps you should take to mitigate the risks you face from employee use—and misuse—of communication tools.
Related to Key Steps: Content Management, Content Management System (CMS for Web Presentation), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Security, Usage Management and Monitoring, CertifiedMail
Prioritization, improvement, and control are the key steps involved in enterprise strategy execution.
Related to Key Steps: Accounting and Financial Management, Balanced Scorecard, Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM), Human Resources, Management Practices, Strategy, Training and Development, Active Strategy
While the appropriate path to achieve ISM differs from company to company, there are a few key steps that can help simplify the process.
Related to Key Steps: Advertising Solutions, Channel Management, Contact Management (CM), Customer Service and Support, Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)/Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Marketing Automation, Personalized Marketing, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Telemarketing, SAP, Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail Trade
Human resource managers know it?s essential to maximize human capital and link talent strategy with business objectives to stay competitive?and that talent management systems can help. But midsize businesses are afraid that the wrong software purchase will disrupt business processes and derail finances. Learn how 11 simple steps to buying a TMS, from executive buy-in to implementation, can help keep your company on track.
Related to Key Steps: Decision Making, Human Resources, Performance Management, Personnel Management, Software Selection, Cornerstone OnDemand
Companies spend millions each year conducting mandatory training for audits, the risk of noncompliance, internal training requirements, and a plethora of other reasons. Manual training processes increase a company?s risk of noncompliance?and can be redundant. Read the 10 steps that can help you develop an enterprise-wide compliance training strategy, to reduce the costs and the compliance risks of mandatory training.
Related to Key Steps: Competency and Performance Management, E-learning Management, Learning and Education, Learning Management System (LMS), Process Auditing, Regulatory and Compliance, Risk Management, Security, Training and Development, SumTotal Systems, Inc.
An integrated talent management system (TMS) can provide numerous benefits?from automating development and performance initiatives to ensuring that the entire organization is managing talent in a unified way. But for many organizations, especially midsized companies, selecting a talent management system can be daunting. Following these 11 steps can help you launch a winning talent management campaign in your organization.
Related to Key Steps: Career Management, Compensation, Decision Making, Human Resources, Performance Management, Software Selection, Cornerstone OnDemand, Industry Independent
It can be established and operated using ten key steps that have been field-tested in many organizations, industries, and economic sectors.
Related to Key Steps: Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resources, Recruitment Management, Halogen Software
An unprecedented wave of security breaches has led to the establishment of technical standards, IT governance frameworks and laws designed to improve and enforce IT security. Companies are under increasing pressure to control their IT infrastructures more effectively. Learn how ongoing automated vulnerability assessments, together with well-defined network security policies, can simplify the compliance process.
Related to Key Steps: Compliance Management/Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Consulting and Services, Hosting Services, IT Infrastructure, Network Security Monitoring, Regulatory and Compliance, Security, Security Services, Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment, Qualys
This white paper examines five key steps to buying EDI integration software. Understand the key steps to ensure success and learn how to select a vendor that will help you versus hinder you in the process.
Related to Key Steps: Decision Making, Decision Making Considerations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT Solutions Architecture, Middleware, Software Selection, Emanio
With so many different enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications on the market, selecting the right solution can be extremely time-consuming and daunting. In fact, according to a recent study, nearly three-quarters of manufacturers are dissatisfied with their current systems. However, following a clearly defined selection process?and learning from the mistakes of others?can drastically improve your chances of success.
Related to Key Steps: Decision Making, Software Selection, Veits Group, Management of Companies and Enterprises
Setting priorities and taking incremental action quickly to get critical information in the right hands are key steps to success.
Related to Key Steps: Business Intelligence (BI), Business Performance Management (BPM), End-User Query and Reporting, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)/Balanced Scorecard, SAP
Key Steps for Successful Implementation There are five key steps organizations must consider to successfully execute a new age workforce analytics strategy:
Related to Key Steps: Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resources, DoubleStar, Inc.
Three key steps help mitigate the challenges created by a traditional B2B methodology: Increase Visibility According to a 2006 AMR study, over 20% of all orders across all industries are in error.
Related to Key Steps: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Production and Supply Planning, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supply Chain Optimization, Trading Partner Management, Inovis
The Cameleon Commerce Suite simplifies key steps in the Lead-to-Order to-After-Sales process by optimizing core business functions: e-commerce, electronic catalog and
Related to Key Steps: E-commerce, Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Lean/Flow Manufacturing, Product/Item Configurator, Access Commerce
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