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When a global high tech manufacturer of desktop and portable PCs sought to reduce their inbound supply chain lead-time and costs, they came to Optum for help improving their visibility to, and coordination with, inbound suppliers, and contract manufacturers. Learn how it integrated partners and its system into the supply chain to achieve its competitive advantage.
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name = TEC_WP; Implications of Lean Initiatives for Erp Implementations in Midsized Manufacturing Companies by Software Works, Inc --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description "Lean thinking" can cut down waste, enhance quality, and reduce lead time.
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Since implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could address its unique industry requirements, it has enhanced customer relationships and significantly reduced sales lead time.
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Learn about the solution that helped the company create a centralized repository of customer data and significantly reduce lead time.
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Try to identify the bottlenecks in the process and their linkage to key business objectives such as revenue growth, cost of sales, lead time, cost of quality, etc. The results may be surprising. Step 2 - Pick the Right Starting Point Where you start implementing automation software tools depends on the priority of the business challenges and needs identified in the first step.
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Invacare sells made-to-order (MTO) home medical equipment in 20 European countries. To shorten the product launch cycle, optimize the order process, and streamline spare part sales, Invacare chose the Cameleon Commerce Suite. Learn how integrating this e-commerce solution?with product configuration functions?with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helped Invacare reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
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" Greater visibility into CM lead times has also enabled Teradyne to streamline and shorten them. "Being able to see the cumulative effect of the lead-time stack-ups from Teradyne to the EMS provider all the way out to the supplier enables us to drive lead time reduction programs," Kenney says.
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Component event management promises an answer. Component event management is a methodology to systematically detect and resolve component events in the most timely and efficient manner possible. This paper will introduce the philosophy of component event management and introduce a new category of software that is being developed to help implement this concept and improve business performance.
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The keys to success, in no particular order, are: Reduce lead times Speed time-to-market Cut operations costs Exceed customer expectations Manage the global enterprise Streamline outsourcing processes Improve business performance visibility Each of these objectives is important in and of itself; however, taken together, they describe the focus of the activities and attitudes that define world class. Reduce Lead Times Shorter lead times are always a good thing.
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With the right methodologies in place and the right software tools, lean organizations can access the live, up-to-date data that their decision-makers need to achieve corporate goals, including minimizing inventory and waste, shortening lead times, and producing to demand.
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Reduce lead times Shorter lead times are always a good thing. In many markets, the ability to deliver sooner will win business away from competitors with similar products, quality and price. In other markets, quick delivery can justify a premium price and will certainly enhance customer satisfaction. In all cases, shorter lead times increase fexibility and agility, reduce the need for inventory bufers and lower obsolescence risk.
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Warehousing processes are critical for the success of a distribution business. These processes are highly visible to your customers, and have a direct impact on their opinion of your company. If you cannot get the goods to your customers in the most efficient way, you risk losing their business. Your warehousing and logistics operations must translate into reliability and service.
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The Advantages For customers Available 24 hours per day Real-time estimates and installation plans Option to configure and simulate elevators on their own 3D visualization of the elevator before an order is placed 25% lead time reduction For the field sales teams Better responsiveness to customer and distributor requests
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The study examined the business practices of these companies and their performance in some key areas: customer service (on-time delivery), order fulfillment lead times, inventory levels, and carrying costs. The data from this study provides some rather enlightening answers to some fundamental questions. Where do the most profitable companies focus their attention? Profitable high-tech OEMs maintain a sharp focus on customer service.
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