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Many firms see software as a service (SaaS) as having a cost advantage over on-premise in the short run due to its quick implementation times and pay-as-you-go pricing. But many firms question the long-term value of SaaS, wondering if the rent-versus-own model has a cost crossover point? Discover how some firms have obtained long-term value with SaaS solutions as SaaS has moved into larger, more strategic deployments.
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However, knowledge managers should ask what software tools must be used in conjunction with PDF/A to ensure electronic archival material is accessible, searchable, and reliable in the long term.
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Senior finance executives in all industries recognize the long-term benefits of transaction-processing automation on resource allocation. Transaction automation frees time and resources that can be allocated for decision support and financial planning and analysis. The result: sustained, profitable top-line growth and risk reduction. Find out other benefits of improving your back-office processes through automation.
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Regulations regarding digital information use, storage, and protection are meant to help maintain the integrity and security of public and private networks. Compliance measures such as the payment card industry (PCI), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and others focus on the long-term retention and integrity of all data. Achieving secure, long-term data retention is easier with log management and incident response tools.
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Railion Nederland N.V. is an independent operating company of Railion Deutschland, the largest rail cargo transporting company in western Europe. The company transports almost 25 million tons, more than 70 percent of which is of an international nature. Railion needed a planning solution to overcome the drawbacks of its old system, which had been designed for passenger transport. Find out which system it chose, and why.
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Better decision making is critical during a recession?when resources are restricted?which makes business intelligence (BI) and analytics appealing to management. But justifying large capital outlays for software is challenging unless short-term benefits can be correlated with the investment. The key is to execute each project within the long-term strategic plan of organization-wide decision management. Find out how.
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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions can be a strategic advantage to businesses, letting companies avoid costly hardware, software licenses, and complex version upgrades. But because most major software vendors are touting some version of SaaS, there is confusion about the solution model and its advantages. Learn what SaaS really means, and discover the short-term and long-term benefits of the model and its variants.
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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), designed to quickly stimulate economic recovery in the US, also marks the start of a new era in the regulation, oversight, and accountability of the use of public funds. Agencies at all government levels will be challenged to maintain focus on programs that achieve long-term results?while ensuring they adhere to the complex requirements for stimulus funds. Learn more.
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If your company is ?fighting fires? daily to meet customer demand, then you?re already losing customers and missing new sales. Today, business is conducted in real time, which requires flexibility and responsiveness. It?s these two attributes?along with reduced costs?that are the most beneficial in managing for optimal inventory levels. Find out how you can better plan and manage your inventory for long-term survival.
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Endries International, distributor of products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aims to develop partnerships by helping customers meet their cost reduction, vendor consolidation, and productivity improvement goals. But Endries knew its old software wouldn?t enable long-term growth or manage business changes. With the new solution, processes such as demand planning are more accurate and efficient. Find out why.
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Far from being a philanthropic ?nice to have,? top-performing companies view sustainability as a ?must-have? strategy for long-term success. Sustainability encompasses strategies to ensure optimal performance related to the business, the environment, and society. This road map can get you started: learn how to match environmental and social stewardship to actionable, and measurable improvements to your bottom line.
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Mitsubishi Electric Europe thought its enterprise resource planning (ERP) would address all of its reporting requirements. But long-term, this proved difficult to sustain, due to the company?s ever-changing procedures. So Mitsubishi decided to invest in a tool that would integrate data from disparate systems, speed up the delivery of information, and provide dashboard, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Find out more.
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Service companies that want to thrive need to find a better way to deliver services and run their business. Automating IT services is the answer, and it should be the immediate goal of any company that aims to stay in business as market pressures increase. Looking beyond basic automation, becoming a managed services provider (MSP) should be the long-term goal. Discover ways to ensure your service company's survival in today?s competitive IT services market.
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For managed services providers (MSPs) aiming to serve small and medium-sized businesses, the ability to capture and retain lasting customer relationships is a determining factor for long-term profitability. Only by clearly and consistently communicating your value to your customer can you hope to attain the role of trusted advisor?a position that will help protect you from losing business to lower-priced competitors. Learn how an integrated, offline reporting solution can help ensure that your customers perceive your value in the ways that matter most to all managers within the customer organization.
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Today?s outsourcing industry is expected to grow by 37 percent annually between 2007 and 2010. One growing specialization under IT outsourcing is product engineering outsourcing (PEO). While many IT companies have used PEO to realize significant cost savings along with increased quality and reliability, some companies have experienced negative results. Lean about common PEO pitfalls and how you can avoid them.
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